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Tutoring During This Pandemic

We recognise that in these difficult circumstances your child’s health and education are equally important. With this in mind, we have racked our brains as to the best way to maintain our personal face-to-face approach to education whilst not being able to be in the same room. We have come up with the concept of an online classroom where the children (maximum of 6 in a group) log in remotely and can see and speak with their tutor and the other children allowing interaction similar to a classroom.

The feedback that we are getting from parents has been extremely encouraging to us that we are maintaining the quality of our tuition under these challenging circumstances. They are also saying that they find the social interaction that children are receiving through these sessions invaluable as they are unable to have this through school at the moment.

How Does It Work?

You will be given a weblink which you enter into your browser. This takes you to the online classroom. At this point your tutor will welcome you and explain which tab your child needs to go to so they can join in the starter activity. When everyone has arrived, the session begins properly. The tutor will have prepared a series of slides which will be discussed onscreen. Throughout this process the children can ask questions, interact by typing or drawing onscreen and type answers in the chat window. They will then have a written task which they will do on paper at home and the tutor will be able to monitor their progress and provide learning points remotely. Some children will work on the same screen because their targets are similar, but others may have their own screen for a few minutes so that individual needs are met. At the end of the session, the tutor asks your child to go and fetch you and bring you to the screen. The tutor is then able to give you feedback on how your child has got on and allow you to download printable homework that your child can complete at home. If you have further questions, these can be raised at this point, emailed or discussed later on the phone with the tuition manager.

We know that having small groups is a fantastic model for tuition because it provides the “all in this together” mentality that children thrive on for success. So we are replicating this approach online and parents are backing us because we are ensuring that children can continue their education face-to-face even whilst the schools are unable to provide this service.

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