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Fostering for Wolverhampton

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This is an advert for Fostering for Wolverhampton with a photo of a mum and girl smiling together

Foster families are helping to give scores of children in Wolverhampton the best possible future by offering them a supportive environment in a loving home.

But more foster carers are urgently needed and with our excellent support and local training we are looking for people who can provide children with a safe, nurturing and loving home. Fostering does mean taking on a tremendous responsibility and will change practically every aspect of your day to day life, but our current foster families say that this change is the best thing they have ever done.

Fostering for Wolverhampton means that you are helping local children and your community by keeping children local, close to their family, schools and friends.

Anyone can be a foster carer, we welcome all backgrounds. Foster carers can be sole carers, married or in a relationship, working or not working – and you won’t be on your own as help and support is available 24 hours a day.

You will need:

  • A spare room
  • Time and motivation to care for a child or children
  • The ability to work with different people

Carl Bradburn, who has been a foster carer for over 4 years, said: “Fostering for Wolverhampton helps make my house a home – it enriches our lives and the young people bring us so much joy. I have five children of my own, plus a foster child and it keeps the house young.”

Emma Goodwin, who has been a foster carer for over ten years, added: “My children love having a foster child in the house – they see the little boy as their brother and have grown up over the years together. If anyone wants to foster I’d say go for it – it is a rewarding and fantastic job to do.”

To find out more come along to our next information event or get in touch.

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