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Dandy Development

Clubs & Classes, Pre-School Classes

Dandy Development is the award winning new baby and toddler development class that combines baby sign, music and sensory fun. Join in the fun with DandyLion to develop language and communication skills, listening skills, social and emotional skills, confidence and co-ordination and to stimulate the senses and imagination.

Dandy is split into two stages so that learning can be tailored specifically to developmental mile stones and needs. The classes are of a similar structure so that children know to expect fun but are different enough so that every lesson is a new and exciting learning experience. Each class teaches parents/carers simple signs and one skill or technique to encourage language and communication development. Supporting information is provided after each class to consolidate what has been learnt.

Unlike some other baby and toddler classes, Dandy Development combines baby signing, music, singing, movement, sensory stimulation, speech and language games and fun into one development class. Numbers attending each class are carefully limited so that they do not become over whelming and remain calm. Every child is welcomed individually by name and builds a wonderful relationship with both DandyLion and the Dandy teacher, which is impossible in other classes where numbers are so large.

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