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Adult Riding Lessons, Stepney Bank Stables

Adult Classes

Since 1992, Stepney Bank Stables has been proud to operate as a community charity supporting disadvantaged young people. We offer a safe, fun and engaging environment for thousands of children and adults who visit us to develop a variety of skills through working with horses.

Some interesting (current) facts include: · 300 regular riders attend each week along with parents, carers & supporters. · 150 children and young people access our Children and Young People’s Project. · 40 attend as volunteers.

When you (or your child) visit us and become a valuable part of our commitment to growth of best practice, you understand and agree to the following essential key points: Human safety + horse welfare are equally paramount. No two humans learn in exactly the same way, or at the same rate. Staying focused on personalised development means faster results, whereas comparison to others hinders progress. Repetition is essential to engage muscle and mind memory. Progression is determined by our experts; never influenced by expectation of others. Positive attitude, attention and cooperation are pre-requisites to skill progress. Weight limits are mandatory, checked regularly on site, and non-negotiable.

Group Lessons Level 1 – 5   For full information visit our website

Private Lessons:

Private lessons can cover flat work, jumping or a lunge lesson. For those who ride regularly on group lessons they’re an excellent way to focus on a specific element of your riding.

Private lessons are very intensive and it may be necessary to incorporate short breaks for new riders to allow their muscles and brains to recover! Within these short breaks the instructor may re-cap on the lesson, riders may learn about the points of the house, parts of the tack or maybe practice mounting and dismounting before the lesson continues.

Private lessons are available at the following times:

  • Indoor arena, weekday daytimes, some evening slots are available,
  • Outdoor arena, weekday evenings and weekends.

Semi Private lessons for 2 -4 people are also available in the indoor arena.

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