Campfire Chocolate Orange Brownies

Campfire Chocolate Orange Brownies



.Not Suitable for freezing
. Preparation




minutes cooking time


  • 185g Unsalted butter
  • 185g Best dark chocolate
  • 85g plain flour
  • 40g Cocoa powder
  • 50g WHite chocolate
  • 50g Milk chocolate
  • 3 Large eggs
  • 275g Golden caster sugar
  • 8 Oranges


Unlike working with a conventional oven all the cooking and preparation will be carried out on a campfire.  One common mistake people make with campfire cooking is trying to cook on the flames. Your fire should have gone beyond the flaming stage when you start cooking and you should have a deep base of embers, to get your fire to this stage should take about an hour. Word of warning, unlike cooking on the hob the heat will be variable, have some chopped dry kindling in case the fire gets too cool. The kindling will burn quickly and provide warm embers to reinstate the heat.
**Campfire cooking is a totally different beast to conventional kitchen cooking, if this is your first time, make it simpler by buying pre-made brownie mix following the directions on the packet and jumping to step 9 as a practice, to get used to the campfire**
  1. Cut 185g unsalted butter into smallish cubes and tip into a medium glass bowl. Break 185g best dark chocolate into small pieces and drop into the bowl. Fill a small saucepan about a quarter full with hot water, then sit the bowl on top so it rests on the rim of the pan, not touching the water. Put over the campfire until the butter and chocolate have melted, stirring occasionally to mix them.  Now remove the bowl from the pan. Leave the melted mixture to cool.
  2. While you wait for the chocolate to cool, begin to prepare the oranges. Carefully slice the tops from the oranges and squeeze them into a bowl. Then using a dessert spoon carefully scoop out the insides of the orange, be extra careful not to split the orange skin as this is going to be the bowl for the chocolate brownie.
  3. Now tip 85g plain flour and 40g cocoa powder into a sieve held over a medium bowl, and tap and shake the sieve so they run through together and you get rid of any lumps.
  4. With a large sharp knife, chop 50g white chocolate and 50g milk chocolate into chunks on a board. The slabs of chocolate will be quite hard, so the safest way to do this is to hold the knife over the chocolate and press the tip down on the board, then bring the rest of the blade down across the chocolate. Keep on doing this, moving the knife across the chocolate to chop it into pieces, then turn the board round 90 degrees and again work across the chocolate so you end up with rough squares.
  5. Break 3 large eggs into a large bowl and tip in 275g golden caster sugar. Whisk the eggs and sugar until they look thick and creamy, like a milk shake. This can take 5-15 minutes, depending on how quickly you mix them so don't lose heart. You'll know it's ready when the mixture becomes really pale and about double its original volume.
  6. Pour the cooled chocolate mixture over the eggy mousse, then gently fold together with a rubber spatula. Plunge the spatula in at one side, take it underneath and bring it up the opposite side and in again at the middle. Continue going under and over in a figure of eight, moving the bowl round after each folding so you can get at it from all sides, until the two mixtures are one and the colour is a mottled dark brown. The idea is to marry them without knocking out the air, so be as gentle and slow as you like -- you don't want to undo all the work you did in step 5.
  7. Hold the sieve over the bowl of eggy chocolate mixture and resift the cocoa and flour mixture, shaking the sieve from side to side, to cover the top evenly. Gently fold in this powder using the same figure of eight action as before. The mixture will look dry and dusty at first, and a bit unpromising, but if you keep going very gently and patiently, it will end up looking gungy and fudgy. Stop just before you feel you should, as you don't want to overdo this mixing.
  8. Finally, stir in the white and milk chocolate chunks until they're dotted throughout. Now your mixing is done and it's over to the oranges.
  9. Take hold of the prepared oranges and spoon the brownie mixture into the oranges leaving a little space at the top for them to rise. Take the 'lids' of the orange peel that you sliced early and return them to the top of the orange. Now wrap the orange in foil leaving a foil 'stem' so you can easily pull the oranges in and out of the fire.
  10. Set the oranges in the camp fire buried a little in the embers. Cooking time can vary depending on the heat of your camp fire but typically they take between 15 and 20 minutes.
  11. Be extra careful when removing the oranges from the fire as the foil and the brownie mix will be hot. When the mix has risen a little it should be ready. Now comes the best bit, remove from the foil place in a bowl and enjoy!

Next time you have a campfire going, get the kids involved in making these lovely chocolate orange brownies.  Not only are they really easy to make, but they're great to eat too!

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