Better sleep for your family - DNA Sleep Program

Better sleep for your family - DNA Sleep Program

9d34ee94767dc792b4aa6b45a5d41f2e.pnginformative website here.Jemma, local mum of two and founder of the DNA Sleep Program tells us about her new program designed to help everyone get more rest... 

To find out more or to speak to Jemma directly, visit her informative website here.

  • Why did you create the DNA Sleep Program?

I became a sleep coach after struggling with my son’s sleep. I am a total sleep geek, I love getting to the bottom of what’s going on and seeing how getting better sleep can literally change lives!

I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious about sleep (or the lack of). It felt like I was never going to get a full night’s sleep ever again and I really mentally struggled with that. It was only really when I started to understand why sleep was tough, and the science behind it all that I started to feel more confident in understanding what my baby needed.

I put this program together to help make sleep support more affordable and more easily accessible. These courses are everything I wish I had known when my children were small.

  • What is included in the DNA Sleep Program?

You get lifetime access to loads of handy content all about baby sleep. Each course has bite sized lessons with written and video content about everything you need to know about baby sleep and how to make simple but practical changes which mean everyone gets a better night’s sleep.

It covers things like how cec37eeeeb83b2198bd8c4a351e30705.pngmuch sleep should little ones be having and how to help them to settle into a predictable routine. It covers reducing multiple night wakes, supporting self soothing, and things like moving away from co-sleeping, moving them into their own rooms and coping with separation anxiety. There is even a whole section focussing on the parent’s mental wellbeing too.

You get downloads and checklists which really help to put what you learn into practice, and there’s a free Facebook group to join too.

The courses are available for 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-18 months with ones for toddlers and older children coming soon.

  • Who is it aimed at?

The courses are aimed at tired parents who want to find simple and practical ways to help their little ones to get better sleep without having to resort to harsh sleep training methods like controlled crying, timed checks or cry it out, which lots of parents aren’t comfortable with doing.

  • What is the advantage of the DNA Sleep Program over a 1:1 session?

You can totally go at your own pace, not everyone wants or needs the frequent hand holding that you get with my bespoke packages. With instant access you can started as soon as you feel motivated rather than waiting for me to have availability, and having lifetime access you can come back to it as many times as you need to and use it for any other children you might go on to have! And of course, d58d4fa076c74b47117c57169da8624c.pngit’s a lot more affordable than working with me 1:1..

  • What feedback have you received about the course?

"Amy no longer wakes 4 times a night! So no more bottles! No more tired Mummy! Hoorah!! Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“I loved the sciency stuff! Learning facts about how babies sleep made it better for me to understand why she couldn’t settle. Putting into practice what I learnt on the course resulted in her napping for 2 hours a day, every day! Bliss!”

“When we started the course my just turned 6m LG was in our room, in the next to me crib, in the sleepyhead, needed a dummy to fall asleep but would knock it out as soon as it was replaced and fought every nap. We had a lot that needed to change and didn’t know where to start. We are much calmer about sleep which is ultimately what I needed and my little one needed. We have achieved all our goals and she is even self-settling now for some of her naps and bedtime. We still have ‘issues’ but my baby is a very alert, happy baby and not a robot!”

“I wish I had found this course when she was younger, would have saved me hours of googling things which I now understand are just part and parcel of bringing up a baby! and most importantly, just to go with it and enjoy the ride!”

To find out more or to speak to 4a53eaf934153a87bbdd6f702247c12f.pngJemma directly, visit her informative website here.

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