Family Llama Treks in the National Forest

Family Llama Treks in the National Forest

ca3a5231a8f9aaafb56a7e4d710a889d.jpgFor an activity with a difference, take the kids on a llama trek!

The friendly, long-necked animals are so calm and approachable, making a trek a great day out for the whole family.

Family groups of single households can now book a trek with National Forest Llama Treks, based just off the A38 in Barton. It's a wonderful, relaxing way to spend a few hours strolling through the Staffordshire countryside with the lovely llamas.

Meet the Llamas

Bob: The owner's favourite

Frankie: One of the youngest.

Moses: An old man, at 18 or 19 years old!

Kevin: The best fringe ever. A bit of a grumpy teenager.

Dave: A real character

Barack O Llama: So Presidential!

Mustard: The Shy one.

Kazoo: He hums!

Llamas have their own personalities - some of these are grumpy old men; some behave like teenagers!
Llamas eat special llama food; but also like to graze on grass most of the day.
Llama ears are long and banana shaped; compared to their cousins the alpacas, which have short spear-shaped ears.
Llamas live until they are around 20 years old
Llamas don't have top teeth! The bottom teeth grind against a hard gum at the top of their mouth, which does make them look a bit gappy.

The session includes finding out all about the llamas, an opportunity to hand feed the boys (a guaranteed friend for life), brush them and then a short walk f118a60311c12a05333a5fb7c934297a.jpgwith the llamas. Be prepared for a leisurely stroll, and lots of photo opportunities as the llamas take full advantage of the hedgerow café.

Contact: Anna Otton

M: 07970 601 373

T: 01283 711 702



* Parties consisting of multiple households are not currently being held, due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings. 
* Social distancing with your llama trek leader will be observed.
* Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are available.

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