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Explore Learning

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Tuition  designed to inspire & challenge your child.

Find out today how Explore Learning can help your child to gain confidence, enthusiasm and new skills!

Visit our centre inside Redditch and Longbridge- Sainsburys.

For 5 - 14 year olds of all abilities

Explore at Home helps your child to stay engaged with their learning and continue to make progress wherever they are! Our support has always gone beyond a quick win with spelling or moving up a set in maths. Expert tutors will work with you to create a completely individualised programme that is mapped to the school curriculum, whilst inspiring a great set of attitudes towards learning.


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Explore Learning tuition is independently proven to benefit children of all abilities.

Explore is a network of learning centres for 5 to 14 year olds offering maths and English tuition. Children become members and attend regularly once or twice each week to work with Explore Tutors. Inspiring learning: At Explore we believe that children learn best when they want to learn. Inspiring tutors: Explore Tutors are enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about education. They are great role models for children. Inspiring children: Explore inspires children to take on new challenges and make the most of their talents. Explore Tutors are passionate, energetic graduates who know how to get the best out of children. They are great communicators and role models. We attract up to 200 applicants from leading universities each month and recruit only the top 2%. All Tutors are trained to become experts in the curriculum and knowledgeable about current teaching methods. Our maximum ratio is 1:6 - just the right balance between individual attention and independent learning.

Explore Tutors use the best available teaching materials to help children fulfil their potential in maths, reading, writing and spelling. We use a variety of resources, including sophisticated learning systems such as SuccessMakerT, innovative tools like Kar2ouche and Longman's Digitexts, internet activities and paper-based materials. All our tools map closely to the national curriculum and many adapt to the ability of the child so that he or she is challenged at exactly the right level. Explore Tutors will select appropriate resources for your child and ensure that they cover a combination of courses so they can reach their potential in all areas. We will advise and review the programme of work with you on a regular basis. Children learn best when they want to learn.

At Explore, we celebrate success at every opportunity. Children are praised and rewarded with prizes and certificates but more importantly by an Explore tutor saying 'that is fantastic!'