What’s ‘’App’’ ening at Bordesley Abbey

What’s ‘’App’’ ening at Bordesley Abbey


cd315c1fb2630f1fe67135b6e66fd111.pngSo many of our little ones these days love anything to do with a screen, of So the 'App' tour at Bordesley Abbey Museum is a real stroke of genius. It uses technology to help teach children more about the history that lies on their doorsteps as well as providing a fun family day out.

It was a rather chilly start to the day as we arrived so we wrapped up and headed to the reception office which is based in the site shop.

We asked to do the App Tour of the abbey ruins and were given a brief demo on how to use the tablet which provided for the tour. The aim is to scan the symbols displayed around the ruins.

We were all very excited as we headed over to the start at the gate and scanned our first symbol to activate our tour. Into the heart of the ruins we went and we couldn't wait to find out all about the history of the abbey.

The symbols were fun to spot and find. Following the instructions on the app we were led by a stonemason from the abbey's past called Thomas. He guided us around the ruins challenging us with tasks, quizzes and fun interactive teasers.

As we moved around, we began to build up an image in our minds of how the site looked at its finest and how the monks lived and worked.

The €˜white' monks led a very basic, harsh d1f8e78a9b7751abf2373a7d2b21bb38.pngand domesticated life at the abbey with little or no time to idle as it was all work and certainly no play! Why were they called €˜white monks'? Well why not visit and find out more - the App Tour will explain all!

Here is some feedback from some of our little explorers:

Dominic Bird, age 6.

€˜'My favourite part was using the tablet to follow the instructions on the App and doing the quiz at the end of each section and playing the instruction games.''

Freddie Bird, age 5.

€˜'I loved finding the symbols and then scanning them into the tablet to find the clues.''

Lilly Bird, age 11.

€˜'I really enjoyed finding out all about the different areas of the abbey by scanning the symbols, it was a great way to learn about our local history and have fun at the same time!''

All the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the tour and can't wait to come back again. Next time they are going to bring their friends so they can all have an €˜'appy'' day together!

 The cost for using the tablets will be £2 per device or £1 per device if paying to go round the musuem

They will be available from Bank Holiday Monday 29th May for use by the public.

Local schools are also able to use them on class visits to the museum and can speak to staff at the museum about arrangements for this.

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