A fantastic day out at Discovery Town in Studley

A fantastic day out at Discovery Town in Studley

44ea84a2954d44d0b653a70dc2c211b7.jpgWhat a lovely venue in Studley is Discovery Town children's role play centre which is just behind Les Topham Garden centre. 

We arrived not quite sure what to expect as we didn't know much about the venue but we were warmly greeted by the receptionist. We were advised that shoes were to be removed and socks were to be worn at all times which we didn't realise but luckily we always keep spare socks in the car  as I had my flip flops on!

Where to play first ? The shop of course as we needed a few things , so we headed into the shop and got all our goodies that we could so we could use to make our tea ( pretend of course). You can't beat a bit of melon, sweet corn and beans on toast !

Next we needed a wash and blow dry so we went into the hair salon to pick our new hair colour and the girls  soon got to work on washing and starling our hair. We came out new woman - ha ha!

After a good play we realised that we were quite peckish so we went into the cafe area to decide what to have, chicken goujons, a bacon sandwich, a baguette and good old egg, sausage, chips and beans twice went down very well. The bacon was cooked to perfection just the way it was asked for, so went back in to play some more. 

Is there a ffee2b75b4ac60d0291861bea2c5ac13.jpgdoctor in the house? yes there is it's Ava , she's going to look after us all and take our temperature and check our heart rate before she tells us what's wrong with us. O no, we needed an injection and we all had to be brave and count to 3 while she did it. 

The children played very independently whilst we sat down and had a rest , they went to each area very safely and really got stuck in with the role play and using their imagination.

They even too themselves off to the quite corner to have a look at the books as they knew they were going home soon for their afternoon naps , so they lay down and read books which was absolutely adorable!

We would absolutely recommend spending time at Discovery Town as it was such a lovely environment for the children to explore and find out all about all the different areas to play in.

No booking in advance is required but make sure you take socks for everyone for a fun day out.

words by Lisa Bayliss with help from Ava and Harper Mills.

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