The Children's Play village near Warwick

 The Children's Play village near Warwick

02c7e6151014b770d55c9d581362e27b.pngThe team were on hand to greet us and explain how the sessions work ( you have to book online in advance) and what we could expect throughout our stay which was lovely. Then we were off ! Where to go first ? The Beauty Salon, the Vets or the hospital ? So much choice so we worked the room going in an out of all the amazing shops ,theatre and school to name just a few. The children were absolutely enthralled and loved it , even the big ones (aged 14 & 15) really loved playing with the little ones and got stuck in with all the role play. 

Every now and then one of the team players would sing a song and encourage the children to join in with actions and voices to really get the feel of the role play.

Onto the next room, the Emergency room where you could be a doctor, nurse or patient and act out whatever situation you can think of , we kept it to a minor incident with a bumped head !

Next the Dentist where we could inspect the teeth and learn how to brush them with expertise which was approved by the Dental nurse who happened to be with us . 

One of the children with us has never been too keen on dressing up , so was a bit anxious at first but soon joined in as she didn't want to miss out.... Ava loved db94a77af838031c1e590a6529ec390e.pngit in the hair salon and we all had a cut and bow dry .

Next was the Cake shop which was all decked out with all the cakes, biscuits and sandwiches that you would find in a normal shop but of course all replicas but they were so life like that you had to have another look just to check! 

After all the pretending of eating food we decided that we needed some real food and we weren't disappointed with the menu as there was something for everyone's tastes and all good quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible. The young girls had sausage and beans, the older two had a mermaid sandwich ( fish fingers on fresh ciabatta bread ) and a bacon sandwich followed by a Warwickshire Salad and a few chips . The food came out in no time at all and was delicious, it was the first time we were all quiet as we were famished after so much playing .

Once we finished our brunch we went back out to have a last play as the session was nearly over , so we headed to the village shop where we all bought our food for our evening meal and Ava scanned it through the checkout and put it all in our paper bags.

We then headed into the Vets again as one of the dogs had got all dirty so he needed a good hose down and he's nails clipped . Harper was 755b8bf84b15165ddbb81f30a337966b.jpghappy to be in charge !

Of course you can't have all these fantastic amenities in the Play Village without having a construction site where everything is designed and built , so we got our hard hats and safety gear on and built a wall, as you do ... Harper took great delight in moving all the bricks to start all over again, never a dull moment. 

It was coming to the end of our session and the play workers began to weave their magic with their tidy up song which the the children very happily all joined in. 

I can't praise the Children's Play Village enough, attention to  detail was faultless as everything was excellent. From the food , the actual play experience and everywhere was clean . The oldest two children were very impressed and wished it was around when they re little . Plus there is nothing worse than smelly grubby toilets and the toilets at the Play Village were immaculate and catered for all sizes and had good changing facilities too.

Congratulations to all the team that are making a great experience for all the family.

I think I know where Harper's party will be  next  !

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The Children's Play Village

written by 

Lisa Bayliss - Raring2go Editor  with help from Ava and Harper

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