How to spend some time inside and outdoors !

How to spend some time inside and  outdoors !

c3a4f10fb085f864b8840e2bd1a57761.jpg1. Scoot around the park or ride a bike , skip or skate ! It's a great way to get a bit of exercisewhilst getting a bit of fresh air. Parks with a lake in the middle our ideal for the little ones as it makes it a bit more fun and it doesnt seem to take as long . Plus there is nothing better than going full circle ! Here are some fab parks - Cannon Hill, Sanders Park and Arrow Valley park .

2. By creating a special outdoor play area, your garden can be just as adventurous and thrilling as heading out to a special destination. From building sandboxes to tree houses, hammocks to tire swings to a mud kitchen (an outdoor space equipped with bowls, utensils, a sink, water—and mud!), there are many ways you can promote exploration and sensory play for your children right at home. You could also try making your own obstacle course that will get kids moving or a fairy  or a magical gnome garden, a bear cave, or a wild animal safari to stimulate their growing imaginations. Or go outside and blow some bubbles .

3.Dig the garden, plant a vegetable patch or go to the allotment together. Children often (but not always!) love helping with gardening tasks . Follow Wellie Tots for lots of outdoor ideas.  You can order lots of essentials from  Webbs plus they 48fd0d2658eaa212d5f7fb6985335021.jpghave lots of planting tips too.

4. Go Bird watching "Watching birds requires that children look from the sky to the ground and everywhere in between." Get to know the birds in your region. The next time you head outdoors with your child, bring a pair of binoculars. Survey trees, bushes, telephone poles, and grass for feathered friends. Observe a bird's colors, size, and behavior. Listen to its song, and watch how it flies. Younger children will need you to tell them what they're seeing, but older kids can make notes and later identify the birds in books or online. Attract birds to your garden with a bird feeder, a birdbath, or a nest box. Checkout the RSPB for more information . Plus you can look at birds through your window without going anywhere , just spend half an hour on a survey. Image from Nigel Blake.

5. Make your own Rock concert ! by using outside objects as instruments , so turn the watering can into a drum and using sticks as drum sticks. You can use everyday items from in your home too. The best place to create lots of noise is outside and helps to get all those pent up emotions out !  Have a look at this link from the BBC .

6. Collect objects for a nature table at home, have a run through the long grass or let off steam by rolling down some hills ! ( not too steep). Look feaaf9cc256ce14c95720e4ced53d2ad.jpgout for the lovely blossom trees and see if you can paint or draw them. Check out your local parks.

7.All sorts of beasties lurk in the woodlands, of The Lickey Hills. There’s a great bug hunter’s spotting guide you can download from the National Trust website. Pack a magnifying glass and your wet wipes and head for the Clent Hills. Wyre Forest do fab activities and organised walks. or just go in your back garden and pretend it's a jungle or a walk to your local woods !

8. The days may be getting a bit longer and the weather a bit warmer, spring is the perfect time to venture outside with the family. So put on a few layers  and explore some of the region’s best parks and woodlands (and best of all – it’s FREE). Everyone has their own favourites but Raring2go recommends Lickey Hills, Arrow Valley and Waseley Hills Country Park.

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