Treasure Trails Review Bristol Harbourside

Treasure Trails Review Bristol Harbourside

de430116d3f20f0f82f8408ebb14ab0a.pngWe chose the Bristol Harbourside Treasure Hunt Trail, as you can imagine the kids were already excited just by the name!

This trail was based on Greybeard's Stash lost with a Splash, it gave us a brief story to set the scene. So armed with our map and clues we were off!  The trail also advised that there is a ferry crossing needed so we knew to be armed with some change!

We set off early so as to avoid the crowds, parked the car in the M shed car park (which is where the trail started and ended, and with our magnifying glasses and provisions we were ready to begin.

We followed the clues one by one, the children loved searching for the symbols and marking off the treasure map as we went through.  We found the clues to be challenging but in a good way, the children managed to get most of them.

The trail also gives you information on toilets, so if like my family you can guarantee as soon as you do anything one will need a toilet stop!

The trail took us about 3 hours, however you could probably cut that down to half if you were not travelling with a 3 year old!  We solved the clues with no need to use the text helpline (but always good to know if you get stuck!)

We thoroughly enjoyed our trail, and would highly recommend to everyone, lovely way to get out into the fresh 76a470cce6578d9ad1839485d83ba01e.pngair.  See the wonderful sights and history we have in our city.  Also if you start early you will finish just in time for lunch, and well you are definitely spoilt for choice for places to eat or take a picnic.

Once you are done you can enter your answers onto the Treasure Trails website to be in with a chance to win £100.

Click here to pick your trail, good luck!!

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