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Brentwood and Billericay

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Billericay and Wickford Children's Centre

Billericay and Wickford Children's Centre

Children's Centres are intended to make life easier for parents, and improve outcomes for children, by providing key services for families close to where they live.


Each Children's Centre is different, offering a newtork of services according to the needs of local families. Activities are delivered from a main location or through a range of outreach venues. All Children's Centres work closely with schools, GPs and other local service providers.


Services include:

* Information and advice on early years' childcare and education

*Family support and outreach services

*Child and family health services

*Links to Jobcentre Plus

*Support for childminders


Varies - from free to a small cost per family




School is about your kids losing themselves in learning; not about losing their supplies.

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Why seize the summer?

Why seize the summer?

Explore Learning believe progress shouldn’t stop at the end of term, and research shows it shouldn’t either. 

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