Two Rivers Childcare

Two Rivers Childcare

Two Rivers Childcare, a member of the Twynham Learning Multi-Academy Trust, are delighted to be able to offer nursery care from September 2019:

Two Rivers Childcare believe that children are natural learners, who when left to follow their own instincts will explore the world around them. Each child will be given a balance between freedom and structure to use the activities without unnecessary interference so that they develop to their full potential.

They plan activities that provide real life experiences. The activities are purposeful and have six basic goals, to assist concentration, independence, fine and gross motor skills, a sense of order, self-esteem and social interaction.

Learning mathematical concepts in early years begins with concrete examples. Each child develops coordination; concentration and independence when experiencing the materials available. These materials introduce numbers one through to ten, teach counting and value of quantity, using the number rods, sandpaper numbers, cards, spindle boxes, cards and counters, the short bead stairs. Along with additional exercises will reinforce number bonds and sequencing of numbers.

Additional materials are available to introduced higher maths at the child’s correct stage of development and at his/her own pace. These include counting and quantity from units, to tens, hundreds and thousands, simple addition and subtraction, simple fractions, geometric shapes and solids and constructive triangles.

The environment is designed in such a way that all activities naturally gear themselves to development of skills for oral, written language and reading. Children have the freedom to converse between children and their peers and children and adults. Precise names are used on apparatus and objects, vocabulary classification and matching exercises develop visual perception, enrich vocabulary, developing the left to right movement in preparation for reading. A large selection of books is available for the children to explore as well as story books at reading times.

Phonetic sounds are introduced to the children through a range of experience. The focus is on lower case letters and the sound that they represent. Only 3 sounds are taught at any one time so as not to overload the child’s progress. As the child’s confidence builds simple three letter word books are introduced. Wordless books are made available to encourage self-story telling using pictures as a prompt for the story.

Outside the nursery is a large area which is used each and every day.

In the warmer weather a sun hat and sun cream should be provided and in the winter a warm coat, hat, gloves and wellingtons.

  • Garden Area: An area where children are encouraged to take controlled risks and explore. There is also a “Mud Kitchen” for children to use their imaginations to explore and investigate what mud can do using various tools and water. There is also some climbing apparatus, balancing beams and role play activities.
  • Hard standing play area: an area for the children to ride bikes and scooters.

Two Rivers Childcare provide an extensive range of developmentally-appropriate equipment which is carefully chosen in order to further children’s development in all areas of learning.

They enhance the Framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage by embracing the principle that young children learn through play and experimenting, a philosophy to which we are absolutely committed.

For more details see the Two Rivers Childcare website or email


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