5 BEST buys for family days out!

5 BEST buys for family days out!

32df92266d19e23bea0449d8c6e9469a.jpgThere has never been a better time to put some thought into our stay-cations and make the most of our family time.

Even if we’re not traveling far it doesn’t mean the day can’t be special and if you’re a parent it’s good to have some tricks up your sleeve to make sure they’re stress free too!

We’ve put together our 5 favourite tips and tricks to make sure everyone can have a good time!

Multi-Purpose Scotchguard

Lets be honest, the weather can be unpredictable whether you’re in Britain or Florida so to reduce the chances of us getting soaked I use Scotchguard on some of our clothing and bags.  Obviously you can’t waterproof everything (please don’t spray your mobile phone, it won’t like it!) and it won’t waterproof things like zips fully but it can really help prevent items like backpacks, jackets, trainers from getting too soggy.  This is a must for us when my daughter insists on running through the grass when it’s covered with dew or my son is paranoid about his devices getting wet in his back pack.  It’s not expensive, it can really help, it is a bit smelly when you spray it so make sure you do it outside - the smell wears off though don't worry!

Power Bank

How my parents ever coped on long journeys with me and my sister and no devices I don’t know.  If the prospect of travelling and running out of charge sends a shiver down c84b1d218f1276324adea7d2e0361a88.pngyour spine then you really need a portable battery.  I initially brought the biggest battery I could find which could probably power a helicopter but is a little chunky!  If you’d like something far less brick like then you can find them as tiny as a lipstick which makes it really portable.  They're not just for the kids benefit either, as attractions depend more on apps for updates and queue times when you visit it's going to have an affect on your battery life too!

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A really awesome Picnic Hamper

This one really comes down to budget and personal taste.  I love a traditional, wicker picnic basket, the kind that Yogi Bear would love to nab!  They are beautiful, especially with matching plates, glasses, napkins (and every other accessory I could possibly carry).  As long as there’s enough space for a cream tea I’m happy, they really can make a picnic special and make great gifts for someone wonderful. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more lightweight, Cambridge make some great bamboo picnic sets which still have the wow factor, are kinder to the environment and make your picnic look great!

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Freezeable bags

There really isn’t any point having a beautiful picnic set but a load of warm food that’s meant to be cold.  I can remember childhood picnics and opening up the ‘cool bag’ to find 58ef4a572e612ef32cb57c226f723a80.pngthe butter was entirely liquid.  Yuk!

These days we like to have a good quality cool bag with us, good insulation, plenty of storage and when the occasion arises a separate cooler bags for any ‘special’ drinks that need to be kept icey cool!

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Portable Speaker

If you want to listen to your favourite music on something a little more sophisticated than your mobile phone then a portable Bluetooth speaker is for you.  They range from smaller speaks with a 10 hour battery to the larger Megaboom models which has a 100 foot range and 20 hour battery.  The Ultimate Ears range have 360 degree surround sound from one little speaker and they’re waterproof too which comes in handy if there’s rain or even if you’d like to use them in the shower!

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