Phantastic Phaser Phun at Lemur Landings!

Phantastic Phaser Phun at Lemur Landings!


9c22475ae926e32c8225dccd30fd89c7.pngLemur Landings, the huge and rather awesome soft play centre at Tower Park, Poole had a Changing Rooms sized makeover last Spring.  They brought in exciting new climbing facilities and play areas making it the most impressive soft play centre we've ever come across.  Never ones to stay still they also started Phaser Tag evenings in the school holidays and we (well the kids, even though I wanted a go) have been desperate to try them out. 

In the interests of being completely transparent, yes Raring2go do work with Lemur Landings but we paid for our tickets, they didn't know we were going and they didn't ask us to write this review, I'm only writing it because the children had such an amazing time. 

The kids were initially split into three groups, 2 groups went off to the play frame to phaser tag and our group went over to the climbing area.  The new climbing area consists of an auto-belay wall (thank you Golden Gecko Climbing Centre for teaching me what that means!) and a game based Digi-wall.  The auto-belay wall allows the kids to climb the wall while attached to a harness, when they come to the top or come off the wall the harness cable lowers them gently to the ground.  Lots of fun, zero scariness.   The Digi-wall was my daughter's favourite and got her climbing and flinging herself all over the place to switch off the lights.  She can be a little reserved when 813e2dc7779c16e33fc0edf58e19e819.jpgit comes to new activities but the Digi-wall dissolved any shyness or inhibitions in seconds and was soon firm friends with her team-mates.

While they were in the climbing area the kids €œallowed€ us to watch, when it was time for them to play phaser tag, we were banished to the café.   Phaser tag is pretty much a laser gun that you can fire at each other and it recognises when it's been hit so you can score points, simple.  No pain like paint ball and combine it with playing phaser tag in the Lemur Landings play frame and you have a huge amount of fun.  From my incredibly reliable source - a 7 and 9 year old they play a phaser game for about 10 minutes, come back, sit down, check their points, have a drink and a pep talk and then go off again.  We were really impressed with how well the whole evening was managed, the staff did an amazing job of making the session fun for the kids but with enough breaks that they didn't get over excited and they certainly didn't get bored.

Best of all my sleep demon daughter was so tired afterwards she slept all the way through to 8am,  I'd pay £10 for her to do that any time.  It really is a great school holiday treat for the children. There are 24 blasters so there's only ever a small group of children at the events which makes it fun c8fab89265f1d1747e8590abeb9777a0.jpgfor the quieter children as well as the super confident. 

More details of upcoming Phaser Nights and Phaser Tag birthday parties can be found on Lemur Landings website.  

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