Little Chick London face mask review!

Little Chick London face mask review!

fa913d9ea5276dfe648a91d50e8bc931.jpgThank you to Little Chick London for gifting us a selection of their new, practical but gorgeous face masks.  As we get used to the ‘new normal’ we’re doing our best here to be part of the solution and keep others safe by masking up. Disposable masks aren’t an option as we don’t want to add more waste to the planet when there are some great re-usable face masks out there.  Plus making the change is so much easier with something that looks nice rather than clinical.

These masks are 100% cotton, they’re soft, cool, double layered and great quality.  We’ve been playing around with my daughter’s digital microscope (they’re seriously good geeky fun for under £20 if you want one) and you can see the difference in quality between a cotton mask and a jersey fabric.

The elastic goes all the way around your head giving a great fit, they’re easy to adjust AND they don’t end up making the back of your ears sore if you need to wear them for longer. My daughter isn’t keen on ear loops masks and you can guarantee that she’ll take the mask off within 2 minutes even though she wants to wear them but she’ll happily wear these.

The masks come in a pack of four, 2 solid colours and 2 print which as an extra bonus match the some of the beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom bags, accessories and changing bags.

The packs are a6c34e88ec82a5be939b25e378d8b2fa.gifavailable on the Little Chick London website for £20 and key workers can also receive a 10% discount.

This article contains an affiliate link but all words and opinions are our own.

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