Kids Kindle Fire Review

Kids Kindle Fire Review

e35cab8d851eccdbd661ed9f80e76346.jpgIt’s very easy to be complacent and think that our children are too young to get in to trouble on the internet but there is nothing that can send fear in to your soul quite like hearing your child say “Google show me . . . .” especially when they’re going through a toilet humour phase and lets face it, toilet humour can stay with them for 40 years!

This was when the penny dropped for me that although I thought we were ok and she wasn’t left unsupervised with any device that kids can accidentally get in to trouble on the internet very quickly!

My sister had bought a Kids Kindle Fire for her children, mainly because they have a 2 year worry free guarantee as she doesn’t trust her children not to break things (I can see her point!).  The Kids’ Fire comes in a solid, rubbery case but if they still manage to break it, amazon will replace it. However, I liked the idea of a tablet that was a fully functioning tablet but safe for children.

It is very similar to the conventional Fire tablet that adults use but with the thick case.  You set up a profile for yourself so you can use the tablet as you would any other but it also allows you to manage the children’s profile, how much screen time they’re allowed, which apps they have access to and so on.

It comes with 12 months subscription to Kids 990a2551973d79ab65f3e1b872f338bc.pngFire Unlimited and that means access to a HUGE library of age appropriate content, books, games and educational apps.  They’re the full versions too with no hidden adverts so you don’t have to worry that they can order 17 pizzas when you turn your back unless you’ve given them access to a pizza ordering app of course! When your subscription comes to an end plans start at £1.99 a month for Prime members.  There’s no obligation to continue the subscription, you can just stick with the child setting which gives the security of keeping them off the web and add apps that you’re comfortable with your children using such as Kids Iplayer but the subscription packages are low cost and great value.

If you’d like to know more follow the link to the Kids Fire range.

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