Fire Basket Review

Fire Basket Review

e9bd29ce93de767da3eb58ab61f969f9.pngOne of our favourite activities at Christmas is the lights at Corfe Castle.  Rather than lighting up the castle with just electrical lights they light up their beacons and fire baskets around the grounds.  On a chilly evening it’s lovely cuddling up with the family and toasting a marshmallow or 10!

We loved it so much that we thought we’d recreate the feeling with our own fire basket in the garden which can be picked up relatively cheaply. Fire baskets start from around £20, Fire Pits: £50.  Ours came with a tray for catching debris and a grill in case we feel like toasting something more adventurous than marshmallows.

No doubt we’ll be using the fire basket a few times this year, with the lack of events around bonfire night this will be our family event and as a bonus we won’t harm any hedgehogs (see page 31 for more details on how to help them!) or scare the dog either! 

There may come a point when we’re not able to visit friends and family  inside their homes if government guidance changes and a little outdoor heating is going to be welcomed now that we don’t have the summer sun!

To add to the experience we have a few extra accessories which you might like too:

Extending marshmallow toasting sticks .

Giant marshmallows!

And Mystical Rainbow Fire -These are little sachets that you add to your fire to make the flames burn in      rainbow    colours.  Very cute and will convince any young children 7e00c04c5404b94f2eb77e9a3e7f1514.pngthat you have magical powers!

Legal disclaimer bit: always make sure a responsible adult is in charge as we don’t want anyone accidents or people getting burnt.

To buy any of the products mentioned CLICK HERE!

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