Altitude High Ropes, Bournemouth

Altitude High Ropes, Bournemouth

c0be0a5984581540f0ef6c57324e7fa4.jpgWe’ve always been fans of the Littledown Centre; the gym, swimming, loads of great event’s; especially the Family Fun Day and Christmas Market but we’ve never been to Altitude before.
This was probably down to what I considered to be the sensible opinion that there’s plenty of fun to be found on the ground.

We’ve been enjoying our visits to Golden Gecko Climbing Centre though so figured it was about time we tried Altitude and booked a family ticket that included all the options. 
Situated at the back of the Littledown Park, Altitude is open from 4th April until the end of September and has 5 main features; the climbing wall, low ropes, high ropes, power fan descender and zip wire.
At first sight, the kids were very excited to get going, the grown-ups suddenly had a bit of a reality check as it does look quite high when you’re standing on the ground.  The low ropes are 5 metres, high ropes 10 metres and the power fan descender is a bit higher. Children only need to be 5 years old to join in though (under 8 need to be supervised 1:1 by an adult), so I took comfort in the fact that if small children can manage it then so can I. 

After all, it’s similar to climbing around soft play centres which has happened many, many times before (not necessarily by choice!) just higher.
The staff were all very friendly, professional and took care getting everyone 79d0e622ca6c897fa08c27fdb99a0e76.jpgharnessed up. 
Everything was very light hearted and at no point was there any pressure or teasing if someone didn’t want to take part in an activity.  

We started off at the climbing wall where everyone had a couple of climbs.  Personally, I prefer the decent on the auto-belay which gently lowers you back to the ground but most importantly means you’re safe and can’t fall off!
Next, we all moved on to the low ropes.  The beauty of doing the climbing wall first was it does get you more comfortable with the height aspect if you have any nerves and it felt like a natural progression. Again, none of the kids in the whole group were bothered about the height, it was just a couple of the adults!  Moving around the course was great fun, and on the second lap, most of the children did it happily with blindfolds on!

Moving up to the next level was a real buzz, the staff were fantastic, and I had total faith in their advice as they clipped us on to the course.  You get the excitement of being up high but the knowledge that you’re completely safe.  Next was the Power Fan Descender which involves jumping off a platform at the very top while attached to a cable that reduces your speed as you descend.  It took a bit of courage to make the leap on that one, but I was so glad I did it because it b89369ae699fa06e3fb6edf3c1d36310.jpgwas amazing!
Last of all, it was time to zip wire across the lake.  This was the bit I was looking forward to and was definitely my favourite part, fast, fun and fantastic!

So if you’re a kid or a person who is generally braver than me, you’re going to love it at Altitude. 
If you’ve got a healthy amount of scaredness like me then do it anyway because it is really enjoyable, it’s an amazing family activity, and you’ll be really proud of yourself for doing it.  

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