The best self-help books that really help!

The best self-help books that really help!

f5829e4a42d13a2380e2b2df958ee4eb.pngI was a complete self-help book sceptic.  Despite being passionate about mental health issues if you’d suggested that I read a self-help book you’d get my best scariest stare!

This slowly changed after I went to see a hypnotist to help me with a phobia of needles.  It wasn’t a huge phobia but enough to make me faint at inconvenient times (not sure it’s ever ‘convenient’) but being hypnotised was without a doubt life changing.  It’s amazing the difference it makes to be able to remove a phobia, I can do the things I wanted to like have a blood test problem free or even donate blood  but it’s also cured all sorts of other related hang ups so now I can try new foods, drinks, activities that I never would have dreamt of trying. 

The person who trained my magical hypnotherapist (Natasha Carlton-Dewhirst if you need her) was international therapist Marissa Peer which brings us to;

Book number 1

I Am Enough - Marissa Peer

Marissa has been a therapist to the rich, famous and successful for decades and really has things nailed.  She designed a method called RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy.  There’s no messing around dragging things out to spend all your money, she knows how to get to the point and make things better.  I Am Enough is far more than a book that tells you that you’re good enough, it helps you understand why we do things, how language 03b37116965a1ebc46274a94e3dc2805.pngaffects how we feel and not just what other people say to us but what we say to ourselves.  Many of us are our own worst critics and if we spoke the same way to a friend, well we’d have no friends!  There’s lots of free content to download including hypnosis recordings that you can download and listen to at home.  I’ve got to say, they did make a difference and really importantly they help my mind switch off at the end of the day so I can drift off to a really restful sleep.

Book number 2

Get Rich Lucky B*tch – Denise Duffield Thomas

My sister had to really twist my arm to read this book but it has worked wonders removing money blocks that I didn’t even realise that I had.  I did believe that money was the route of all evil, Denise is right; rich women in films are portrayed as awful people and I’d never want anyone to think of me like that so I’ve probably been repelling money all my life!  Not any more though, Denise teaches you the importance of setting goals, not thinking that money is evil and not sabotaging yourself and not to sabotage yourself when you don’t even know that you’re sabotaging yourself. 

The best bit is, it does work!  She gets you to think about incremental upgrades to your life, what makes you feel good, it could be buying slightly more expensive clothes or food.  For 565e8014ab11fc277084b5d38772bc59.pngme it was flowers, I remember hearing how much Elton John spends on flowers and it must have left a mark in my mind because to me feeling rich includes having fresh flowers every week so that's what I do.  It might only be a small bunch but every week I make sure I get myself fresh flowers, they're beautiful, they make me smile when I see them, they remind me what I want our life to be like and that I will get there.  There are goals on my list of all shapes and sizes but amazingly two of them, two really important ones that I would have given you a 0% chance of coming true last year have become a reality and I know it comes down to my improved money mindset.   

All of these books have some great, free resources that accompany them.  Denise’s include a 5 minute recording with subliminal money affirmations and spreadsheets to help you keep track of your money.  She believes in tracking every penny that comes in, every time you get a payment from a cashback site, get a bit of money off your shopping, it all makes you realise how lucky you are and you actually have more money than you think you do! 

Book number 3

Paul Mckenna – Change your Life in 7 days.

Ok Mr Mckenna, challenge accepted.  I’m old enough to remember Paul Mckenna’s hilarious TV shows in the 90s but with the 26aab3c1b7495ae9cff7079f3bc3312a.pngknowledge of how much one session of hypnotism changed my life I thought I’d give this book a try. He's been very busy since he left the TV show behind to concentrate on his work helping people with their weight, confidence, financial troubles and even improve their golf game!  It’s a very different book to I Am Enough although it has a similar message.  Paul teaches you some great skills like mastering your memories, bad memories he can help you turn in to small, black and white distant memories, good memories become brighter, louder and more vivid and I’ve got to say I do feel noticeably more confident from reading it.  He has a talent for helping you find your ‘authentic self’, making you realise what your true values are, not the ones that you just think you should have and when you dust off those values it can have impressive results.  The book comes with 7 video clips, one a day for a week, they’re short clips, no more than 5 minutes which are perfect for starting your day in the right frame of mind plus a longer audio download.  I love the audio download, I love how it sends me off to sleep and I wake up feeling ready for the day.  Plus the biggest bonus of all, when I’m relaxed my children are so much more relaxed too and happy children is always a good thing!

This review contains affiliate links to the books but 0f125a3c387e4a9986a38188b8b6a116.jpgall opinions are my own, books were purchased by myself and are personally recommended.

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