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Moyles Court School- Really knowing our Children


2019a1614b674a4dc87625cd7a644602.jpgReally knowing our Children

Children today are ‘linksters’ so we harness that and help them slot into tomorrow’s world, writes Richard Milner-Smith, Headmaster at Moyles Court School

“We have a responsibility to look to the future and identify where human skills can continue to be unique and flourish in a world of AI and digitalisation”

Whether we (as everyday grown up individuals) are ready for it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a dramatic upshift, a technological surge of a wave touching every developed and emerging country around the world.  As waves are not harmonious or regular, neither too is AI as it breaks across the shores of different countries or across different industries at different intensities.  As educationalists, we should have a keen eye on the outside world while also being understanding of the growing young minds in our care.

There is some irony that our children, Generation X or “Linksters” (Meagan Johnson)* potentially have as much knowledge about the outside world as we have (if you consider mainstream teachers to be the children of Baby Boomers).   Linksters have ready access to news, they have political opinions from political parties who reach out to them directly through social media, they care passionately about discrimination.  Our children are worldly-wise before their time or at least they’re more worldly-wise than we ever were at the same age.

As teachers and Heads, we need to embrace and harness our unique young individuals. Today’s young pupils are already creating their own c9022052bce52212a49de8fcc42160bd.jpgculture and seeking to make their own stamp on the world.  We have a responsibility to look to the future and identify where human skills can continue to be unique and flourish in a world of AI and digitalisation.  It is widely accepted that there are at least two things that cannot be achieved as a robot in our lifetimes; the first is strategic thought and the second is creative thought and expression.  Never say never - there may be a time when robots are capable of strategic thought, creativity and expression but let us leave that firmly to the speculative dystopian writers of the world.

*Meagan Johnson, a generational expert, speaker and author of From Boomers to Linksters: Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work

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