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10 Reasons to join a Club or Class!

d101896a6362dd13381e21d866f12d70.jpgAs leading experts in child development, imagination and growth Creation Station know just how important it is to help your little one in any way you know how. Creativity is one of those areas where sometimes you just don't know how, or maybe just don't want the mess of an arts and crafts session. And sometimes you just don't have the time...we get it. But there are many benefits to joining a weekly class, for you and your little one.

1. Building confidence – starting a new activity when you are very small can be daunting, and we often experience a normally outgoing child clinging desperately to mummy’s legs. Just being in a new location can be a bit scary. Generally, the child we meet on week 1 is very different from the child we see on week 2...and oceans apart from the child we high-five on week 6! A familiarity of surroundings and faces really allows the children to grow in confidence, something which takes longer to achieve without attending on a regular basis. This is just as important for us as adults too.

2. Repetition – there is a reason why children’s classes often include familiar rhymes, actions and other mechanics that feature weekly in the sessions. Learning by rote or repetition is an important step in your child’s development, whether it be ‘Row, row, the boat’ or the 8 times table! The sense of achievement that can be seen on a child’s c94d72aabc4413e20111e70eb47571f2.jpgface when they master the ‘magic words’ is a special moment! This happens surprisingly quickly when your child attends the classes on a weekly basis

3. Development of skills and learning – our classes, like many others, have a central theme each term. Whether it’s developing recognition of colour, exploring new textures and tastes, or discovering shapes. A term programme is designed to build upon the knowledge acquired as your child moves through each week, meaning that skipping weeks can leave a gap in their exploration and understanding in addition to the familiarity of routine. Similarly, the variety of tools used in class can aid your child in the acquisition of new skills, like cutting or mark making, which can be difficult to replicate at home.

4. Socialisation and forging friendships – nothing makes a class leader happier than hearing that class member, who met through their sessions, are meeting up for a playdate or a birthday party! Meeting new people and being in a social environment can be a tough ask for some children, yet is such an important part of growing up. Being in class on a weekly basis allows your child to interact with, work together with and form friendships with other children and their carers. We encourage them to learn to share!!

5. Peer support and advice – it’s not just the little ones that benefit from building friendships over the weeks, the adults are also able to find ‘like minds’ e8d6457b56144a10bf9c5bbd6f3291e9.jpgto share experiences, advice and maybe even the odd cuppa or glass of wine!

6. Creating hobbies and interests - introducing your child to different weekly experiences and allowing them time to explore what is on offer, can create the interest in hobbies and pastimes that will stay with them to adulthood. Whether it is art, music, dance or sport, pursuing a hobby is great for mental wellbeing, to alleviate boredom and for creating future opportunities in life.

7. Routine – in a world that is fast-paced and can sometimes feel chaotic, having a sense of routine is a security blanket for many children and just as many adults! In those early years of parenthood, committing to a weekly class, it gives you a reason to be out of the house at a certain time and a way to plan your day or week around that. Indeed, it is said that 1 in 10 women suffer from Post Natal Depression after the birth of their child, a symptom of which is anxiety regarding leaving the home and avoidance of social situations. Whilst it is a tough step, joining a supportive weekly class can help greatly in coping with these fears. Hannah, who has been bringing her daughter to classes since she was 5 months old, recently explained “I recommend you to any new mum I see, getting out of the house and doing Creation Station has helped me with PND and building the bond with Emma. 31bff688e92d2835d91b17ecbee5c9c2.jpgThank you so much…. Forcing myself to get out of the house and do stuff with my little girl was a big step but made 100% easier by you.”

8. A set time for you both –, bonding with your child is another benefit of doing activities together. Whether they are your only child, or the younger/older sibling, having a special time set aside for doing things together is a powerful boost to your relationship. And if it is set in the schedule, or marked on the calendar, there is always less chance of it being ‘postponed’!

9. Letting someone else do the hard work! – let’s face it, no matter what our intentions or how busy our Pinterest boards look, it is always going to be easier to let someone else devise, prep and run an activity than to try and do it yourself...and consistently!

10. Ensuring the opportunities continue – the sad truth is that with rising venue costs, material costs, travel costs, and other financial considerations, weekly classes cannot continue without customers who commit to attending regularly. As the increase in people who would prefer to ‘drop in’ continues, so does the chances of weekly classes stopping. As schools are being criticised for not providing as broad a range of ‘non-academic’ activities for children, it would be a real shame to see the vast array of weekly pre-school choices diminish too. Make the booking and ensure these opportunities continue!

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