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Good vision is essential to a child’s development as so much of what they learn is taken through their eyes.

Here at Raring2go Bedford, having 2 children that wear glasses we feel it is so important to remind people that we should have our
eyes examined at least every couple years. Most children have excellent sight and do not need to wear glasses. Some children
may have vision screening done at school (between the ages of four and five). However, the earlier any issues are picked up, the better.

If there are problems and they are not picked up at an early age, the child may have permanently reduced vision in one or both eyes. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyes, or if there is a history of squint or lazy eye in the family, Allders suggest that you don’t wait for the vision screening at school, take your child to one of their 11 branches across Bedfordshire for a sight test.

This is free under the NHS for children under 16. Also, your child doesn’t have to be able to read or talk to have a sight test, so don’t leave it, get them checked today!

Ampthill - Barton - Biggleswade - Dunstable - Flitwick - Harpenden - Leighton Buzzard - Letchworth - Luton - Sandy - St Neots

Now at their Barton Branch, Allders are offering a unique system of coloured lenses that can help children with dyslexia. The system can give your child a fast and reliable screening to test for visual dyslexia.  When your child selects the right colour combination during their assessment, an instant improvement can be seen including clear text.  To find out more contact the Barton Branch on 01582 881 478.

To find out more about Chomagen and how it could help your child go to


17 Bedford Street , Ampthill, Bedfordshire, MK45 2LU

7.85 miles     01525 403 647  

Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities

Now that we are in autumn everyone is looking for things to do with the kids to celebrate this lovely colourful season. Here we have some great ideas, and they don't all involve being cooped up indoors! Get out and enjoy the cooler, fresh air and the crunchy leaves under foot - you can always return home afterwards for a hot chocolate and a snuggle

Be safe this Bonfire Night

Be safe this Bonfire Night

Be safe this Bonfire Night by making sure that you, pets and your family know and follow the very important Fireworks Code. Have fun if you are going to an event or having friends and family round at home. It includes safety rules for sparklers too! You will also be able to download our Fireworks Code poster to display if you are hosting an event.