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Childhood headaches can have a number of causes including problems with vision, insufficient sleep, dehydration, skipping meals, too much time in front of the TV or computer, stress and poor posture.

Start by making sure your child  spends no more than 1-2 hours in front of screens, that they are drinking plenty of water, eating properly, and getting enough sleep.
If none of these work, then you may want to get your child's eyes tested. This can be done
free at school or at an opticians.
Although it is rare for children's headaches to be caused by a medical problem (eg migraines), your doctor can rule this out.
Check your child's posture: many children sit with their face only inches away from the
desk and this may be a cause of headaches or neck pain. 
A visit to the osteopath may also help to shift a persistent headache. The osteopath will
look for tension in the neck and shoulders which may be causing the headache, and will work
on your child's posture and any imbalances in their spine and back. 
For further information contact Sorrel Pindar Registered Osteopath, Tel: 01234 409538
Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy that focuses on the framework of the body consisting of the bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues or fascia. The osteopath assesses the condition of this musculo-skeletal system looking for areas of imbalance, weakness and strain. Such imbalances affect how the body functions and they influence the health of the whole body, not just the musculo-skeletal system.
Osteopathy offers safe and effective treatment for a great number of our health problems. The osteopath works with her hands on the body to relieve strains and rebalance the structure of the body. This helps to improve the circulation and the overall functioning of the body. This leads naturally to an increase in vitality, allowing healing to occur. It is also very safe, with minimal risk of serious complications from treatment.
Osteopathy is very effective at resolving aches, pains and injuries, because it looks for the causes of the problem. It is the osteopath's aim to stop a problem or injury from recurring by removing the imbalances that allowed it to occur in the first place.
Osteopaths do not look at a problem by dividing the body into systems and focussing only on part of it. Instead we are generalists, seeing the person as a whole: mind, body, spirit and environment. (If you wonder what "spirit" might mean, think about the following question: does having a reason to be alive affect how well you are?).


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Geronimo 2018

Geronimo 2018

Geronimo Festival is back for 2018 and is bigger and better than ever before with not one, but two events for you to enjoy! Book early for the best prices and then join us for tonnes of fun this Summer! We can't wait!

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Eye-boggling events near you

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