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Motivating Your Child Could be Plain Sailing?

DO you know what motivates your child? Is it being with their friends, having lots of gadgets and other possessions, or perhaps finding
creative ways to solve problems or helping other people? Many of our children are moving to middle school this September and  with this comes a
new set of challenges, more homework, SATS in year 6 and a new way of learning with more emphasis on specific subjects.

This got me wondering how I could support and motivate my daughter to take on these new challenges and that threw up a new question, exactly what does motivate her? I did not have the answer. I have been lucky enough to meet many amazing people in my job, and one of them is
Sarah Stones from Plain Sailing Motivation. I asked for Sarah’s help to identify what I could do to support my daughter.

As a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps®, an online tool which takes only 10 minutes to complete, Sarah provides feedback
sessions with you and your child to explain the report results and develop your understanding of the nine different motivators we all have. She works with you to develop strategies that you can easily put in place that will not only improve your child’s motivation but also
improve your relationship with your children. You will understand how your child prefers to learn and be communicated with, and,
importantly, how they respond to change, so you can support them in the best way. We talked through how I could also use
my newfound knowledge of my daughters motivators with the middle school to make sure that we really get the most out of the
next few years and we are using the feedback to help make some informed choices about how we help her to be the best she can be
and get the best out of her education. The insight that the Mapping has given me will help me to support my daughter – I knew she
enjoyed spending time with friends but hadn’t realised how important becoming an expert was for her so we are now working on projects she can undertake to develop her expertise.

I highly recommend booking a session with Sarah if you want to help guide and motivate your child!

Lisa White, Editor

What you get:-
• An Online questionnaire
• 11/2 hour feedback consultation
• 3 separate reports for Child, Parent & School
all for only £95*

*travel costs may apply

For a no obligation informal chat or further info contact Sarah on 07816 178616 or visit

For this issue only we have a special offer


96 St Neots Raod, Eaton Ford, Cambs, PE19 7BA

8.86 miles     07816 178616    

Sarah Stones

Sarah Stones

For more information call or use the link below. 
07816 178616


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