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Barking Mad Dog Training School

Barking Mad Dog Training School

Our Head Office Training Centre is in Graveley, near Stevenage, and only a couple of minutes from the A1. We also have additional training grounds in Broom, Bassingbourn, Buntingford, Bishop's Stortford, Flitton and Huntingdon so you can choose which one is closest to you.  

In a friendly atmosphere you will concentrate on the bond between your dog and you - and the control necessary for a safe and happy relationship.

We don't just do 'sit' and 'heel'. We develop all aspects of on-lead and off-lead control, and use stimulating agility and nose-work training to further improve your dog's drive and behaviour. You will be rewarded with a healthy, loving, attentive, and intelligent companion - not a draft excluder.

Richard Clarke M.B.I.P.D.T and the Barking Mad team can offer one-to-one training sessions and behavioural consultations either at your home or at one of our training grounds.

Anybody who wants to pursue advanced dog training can do so. There are several routes, including working trials training, gundog training, agility, 'flyball' and our own bronze, silver, and gold awards.

Lesley on 07740 285575 to book your free introductory lesson (quoting LB01)




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