Gallone's Ice Cream Parlours

Gallone's Ice Cream Parlours

When my 5 year old daughter 1st walked into Gallone's Bedford and found out that not only did they have the most wonderful selection of Ice cream, but they also did children's parties, we were booked straight away!

When the big day arrived, it did not disappoint.  On arriving all the kids got to choose which sundaes they were going to get to eat with their party tea, and what combinations they could have, and wow were there some combinations.  Then the great party hosts took over and all the parents got to grab a coffee or tea and sit back and relax.

The kids were non-stop for 2 hours, they started with a colouring competition and then moved onto the main event!  Making the ice-cream, the party hosts got them to choose a flavour and colour of ice cream and the party girl got to mix it up. 

Then came a great tea, freshly made pasta with fresh fruit and veg (other choices were available and were made prior to arriving), followed by their own sundae desserts!

We rounded off with pass the parcel (other games available for older children) and finally the children got a generous tub of their own designed ice cream, they covered them in the great choice of sprinkles, sweets and goodies and got to take it home to enjoy!

All in all a great time for not only the kids, but an easy and enjoyable experience for the adults as well.  I even indulged myself to an ice cream whilst we were there, well it would have been rude not to.

As well as parties, Gallone's offer events in store, as well as the option to hire their wonderful old-fashioned ice cream bikes for your event, or just for a wonderful ice cream when it town!

To find out what Gallones' can offer you call and speak to the team or look at the website details below!


Pop in the Gallone's for storytime every Wednesday from 11 to 12