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La Petite Ecole Francaise

La Petite Ecole Francaise

La Petite Ecole FranÃaise (or, The Little French School!) was set up with the express intention of providing engaging, dynamic and active French teaching for primary school age children who were not, at that time, served by the curriculum. 

Over the last fifteen years, our classes have proved extremely popular and have developed a loyal following in many schools. Whilst it is now a Government requirement for primary schools to provide foreign language teaching on the curriculum, our classes have remained popular. 

We believe that this is due to a variety of factors:

small class sizes and a focus upon the needs of each individual child;
a fun and active style of teaching; classes led in French by teachers for whom French is their "mother tongue" (or equivalent); andstructured learning which gives a clear sense of progression to each child.

Our classes are also seen to be complementary to the curriculum on offer (in schools that provide French); are a valuable method of extending the skills of more able pupils; and are a way of French-speaking families staying in touch with their mother tongue.

All these factors combine to help us to achieve our aim: to give each student the confidence to become fully self-expressed in a foreign language.

The benefits of learning a foreign language at an early age are numerous. We support the view that the brain is like a muscle, capable of growth and that learning a foreign language can exercise certain crucial areas and increase the overall scope and performance of the student.

We leave no stone unturned in our mission to ensure that your child's experience of French is an entirely positive one.

 We are currently running classes at the

following Lower schools.

Flitwck Lower, The Firs Lower, Wilstead Lower, Campton Lower, St. James Biddenham, Silsoe Lower, St. John Rigby, Templefield Lower, Maulden Lower, Meppershall VA Lower, St. Mary's Clophill and Castle Lower Bedford. There have
been expressions of interest from parents at Brickhill, Clapham and Hazeldene.

If your child is interested in joining any of these classes (or you would be interested in
starting a class) then please call or go to the website for more details.
If you are French (or can speak the language like someone who is) and are interested in teaching opportunities then we would like to hear from you too.


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