The Wonders of Autumn

The Wonders of Autumn

85a5fc693101a09870e486c2d6f9ce6d.jpgThe Wonders of Autumn

Summer is slowly fading, there is a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings and things are changing all around us!

There are so many things to look forward to in autumn and so many reasons why it can be the very best time to explore the great outdoors with the kids!

Here’s why …………….

Arts & Crafts

Just thinking about the colours and textures of Autumn makes me want to get all creative! Autumnal walks are a great opportunity to explore colours with your child. You can talk about the different shades, what happens if you mix a red leaf with a yellow one?  Get the paints out when you get back home and enjoy hours of fun trying to recreate the beautiful colours of the leaves!

I also like to collect the fallen leaves and use these to create collages, or to make leaf rubbings or prints. Last year we did some great hedgehog pictures!

The woodland floor is like a treasure trove at this time of year, use this as an opportunity for a Scavenger Hunt and encourage your child to find pieces of bark, twigs, conkers and pine cones. Create a 3-D woodland scene, make pine cone animals or perhaps as caterpillar with the conkers!

Sensory Play

I love it when the leaves “crunch” underneath my feet and autumn provides a sensory playground to engage your child’s senses. Get them to explore how different objects feel and 9258d173821f1c264f65f41dd0125fbd.jpgsmell. As them to talk about this.  Picking up things can also help to develop their fine motor skills and is great for movement!

Use fallen trees to help them develop their balance by trying to walk across them.

Sensory play helps children to calm themselves down as they learn to self-regulate through engaging with their sensory system.

Understanding the world

Use this opportunity to nurture a child’s inquisitive nature and teach them about what happens during autumn. When you’re outside, point out the differences taking place in nature and encourage question asking, for example:

  • Why do the leaves change colour and fall off the trees?
  • Why do some trees keep their leaves?
  • Why do some animals go to sleep for a long time?
  • Why does it get dark earlier in the evening?

Engaging in this way is fundamental to cognitive development and will help your child learn the art of making conversation!

Baking (or should I say eating?)

At this time of year there is so much great produce around, apples, berries and pumpkins!

Teach your child where food comes from, pick some berries or find a local “Pumpkin Patch”.

Baking together is a fantastic learning opportunity and it’s fun too! Make an apple pie and let the kids play with the leftover pastry. Pumpkins are so much fun, transform them into the spookiest Halloween decoration or make a pumpkin pie. Allow your child to explore different tastes and flavours.

Have an amazing Autumn and share aec0f96429b06eb8c5d4d9d085bdb6d1.jpgyour creations and experiences with us on social media! x

Tilly Bartens

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