Carmy’s Calm Kids Life Coaching

Carmy’s Calm Kids Life Coaching

8597763b7bef7f81e582627799ce9de9.jpgQuick tips for creating calmer, happier kids – Carmy’s Calm Kids Life Coaching

1. Walk and Talk (Lewis Organ 2020)

Evidence suggests that a 20-minute walk outside, preferably in nature, reduces your stress hormone (cortisol) levels and makes you more relaxed!

Leave the kids’ mobile phones at home and create this space to enjoy each other’s company.

While out walking with my son Lewis one day, he said, ‘I know mum, we can walk and talk’ and it worked! When we walk together, my children are more relaxed, and are more open to connecting with me and actually want to talk to me about stuff! When we are at home, they don’t always feel like it because we’re either working or home schooling or tired, and it often feels too busy and sometimes strained.  ‘Walk and talk’ is therefore a perfect way to connect with your children ?

2. Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping

Tapping is a powerful, calming and healing technique that helps with many issues, such as, anger, anxiety, stress, low self-confidence, sleeping issues, overwhelm, frustration.  It is based on principles of acupressure and uses positive psychology.  Tapping is fantastic for children as it is very easy to do and can be done anywhere, whenever they are feeling any kind of negative emotion.  It works very quickly as you tap on certain points on your face and body, which sends calming signals to the brain.  Children feel more relaxed and in control in minutes!  It a66f1e5185527a3d2a03a39cace381f3.jpgreduces stress levels very quickly and induces ‘happy hormones’ instead!

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3. Calming Breathing Techniques

Teaching your children how to use different breathing techniques will provide many benefits on an emotional, physical and mental level.  Teaching deep and slow ‘belly’ breathing will calm your children instantly as it decreases stress, will help them with self-regulation of emotions, and will also increase positive energy.  Deep belly breathing also improves immunity and digestion and promotes better quality sleep. You will need to teach children how to expand their belly when breathing in slowly and then breathing out slowly through their mouth, releasing any negative emotions. You can also use shapes to teach them how to breathe.  For more information, call me or message me today to find out about my new group, ‘The Mindful Place for Families to Find Inner Calm’.

Carmelina Silvestri

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