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Thackray Medical Museum


The museum runs FREE  familiy activities 10am-3pm every Saturday during term time and 1pm-4pm during school holidays.

Don't forget that museum tickets last for 12 months, so you can come back as often as you like! Every month is a different theme, so why not see how many different family activities you can try?

To see the latest family activities click here

The museum also runs special events throughout the year and a Medical Lecture series.For the most up to date details of special events click here 


 Be transported to the grimy streets of Leeds in 1842 and explore the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian life.  Meet the characters that live there and find out what life was really like. Discover how scientific breakthroughs have changed our lives, learn about the history of childbirth, find out about advances in surgical techniques and explore your body in our Life Zone gallery. 
There is an amazing amount to see and do, so don’t forget that your admission ticket lasts for a whole year – you can visit again as many times as you wish.


In Victorian times there was a cure for everything – at least, that’s what many of the quacks and chemists of the time claimed! 
This exhibition explores the choices on offer in 1842 and shows how real cures were rare at that time.
This fascinating exhibition invites visitors to imagine what it must have been like to be ill in Victorian times and the choice of treatments available.
Find out if you would have made the right decisions!

LEEDS 1842

The sights, sounds and smells of a Victorian street in Leeds will transport you back in time to 1842 and we’ll introduce you to a range of characters who lived there at the time.
Visitors can choose one of the characters living in our authentically recreated street to find out what their homes are like, what is causing their ailments, and what can be done to help cure them.

Disease in Retreat is a great antidote to our crowded and disease-ridden Victorian street! Here you can find out how scientific discoveries gradually led to a greater understanding of disease and a revolution in treatment and medical practice.

Would you rather go into hospital in Victorian times or now?
This gallery will help make up your mind as you follow the true story of 11-year-old Hannah Dyson whose leg was crushed by machinery at the mill where she worked in 1823. The surgeons fought to save Hannah’s life and you can find out what happened to her. This realistic audio-visual display highlights the horror of surgery at that time, even though it was the best treatment available in the early nineteenth century.


Would you like to be operated on without anaesthetic by a surgeon who hasn’t been to medical college?
People in Victorian times had no choice, and this exhibition brings the horrific realities of the era vividly to life.
This exhibition provides an absorbing insight into the history of medical procedures and highlights the truly extraordinary advances in surgical techniques that have since been achieved.


Younger visitors love exploring Life Zone!
Fun, educational and interactive, kids have a great time finding their way around the colourful, hands-on exhibits and learning more about how their bodies work and how to stay healthy.
They can follow the progress of a pea through the intestines, find out more about the brain, discover how high they can jump, and see how long human intestines are.
Children can also discover more about their teeth, what the brain smells of (cheese!), how their skeleton helps them move and bend, the difference between human and animal bones, and how hard the heart works, continually pumping blood to the lungs and delivering oxygen to the rest of the body.


This exhibition showcases the transformation of surgical procedures since the mid-1800s, largely thanks to the introduction of general anaesthetic and antiseptics.


What is like to have a baby? And has it always been the same?
 This exhibition draws on real-life stories to explore the history of pregnancy and giving birth from the 1890s to the present.


The Wilkinson Apothecary Gallery houses our unique collection of 600 ceramic apothecary jars.


A new exhibition to mark the centenary of the First World War.
This thought-provoking exhibition looks at the complex relationship between medicine and conflict, and how the technologies of war drive medical advancements.

NEW FOR 2016

The Thackray Museum is one of a few chosen science venues to display the renowned Wellcome Image Award winners of 2016. Showcasing the best of art in science, these images provide a fascinating view into the work of scientists, artists, clinical photographers and illustrators working in science today.
See hidden worlds revealed, full of vivid colours and amazing detail.


Open 7 days a week they offer a range of hot drinks and tempting snacks, a handmade selection of sandwiches all prepared fresh on site.
Monday to Friday             9am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday      10am-5pm

There is ample parking on site and if you're visiting the musuem or the cafe it is just £2! 

Give your child a unique  party at The Thackray Museum... slimemaking, wound making and more! For further details click here 


Beckett St, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7LN

17.98 miles     0113 244 4343    

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