Online Tutoring Can Help Your Child Catch Up

Online Tutoring Can Help Your Child Catch Up

56b0c64c75c76ff1eaa6d0dfbefd1553.jpgOnline Tutoring Can Help Your Child Catch Up

Catherine Walton,  Director of the two Barnsley Kip McGrath Centres explains how online learning can help your child this summer.

" We are currently living through history. Our home lives have never been so extraordinary. One of the greatest challenges families have faced has been in educating their children, especially with the additional challenge of having to work from home. Whilst the majority of schools have been diligent in sending out work on a regular basis, even with a wealth of resources, it has mainly fallen upon parents to ensure that the work is completed. The government proposes that children will return to schools from September. However, they have also acknowledged that students will no doubt have fallen behind in their education. How will the government ensure children catch-up with their studies?  I am sure that parents are greatly concerned about this and do not know what to do for the best. Some parents have taken to buying vast amounts of educational material, whilst others have given up on home-education because of its difficulties and the additional stress it creates for family life. It is all very well that the GCSE and SATs examinations have been cancelled this year, but what will happen next year when candidates will still be expected to take the examinations, despite having missed a substantial part of the curriculum?

One option which parents may wish to consider in order to relieve their anxieties is private tuition. However, 6de95600cf45f37407aa45523b0e9912.jpgwith the current restrictions in lockdown, how is it possible to find a professional to help your child and ensure that they catch up on the education they may have missed?

For the past three years, Kip McGrath in Barnsley have delivered lessons online. Online learning is an incredibly effective means of educating a student and it is going to become something that the world of education will rely on more and more, especially in the coming months. Of course, some parents have reservations over how good the online system of learning is, and that is understandable.

So how does it work? It works very much in the same way that in-centre sessions are taught. It uses the Kip McGrath computer and paper resources and a student is taught in a virtual classroom with a qualified and experienced teacher in real time. Students thrive on the online lessons when they realise that much is as it is in centre. The centre uses a bespoke curriculum, unique to your child’s strengths and individual needs, which is fully in line with the National Curriculum. Tuition in English, Maths, Science and Modern Languages can be delivered from early and emerging readers through to GCSE. For GCSE work, students can be prepared for all boards of examination. Most learners will have one 80-minute session per week. In centre one 80-minute session per week usually ensures that on average students makes an academic year’s progress in one period of six months.

Some parents may be sceptical about the online sessions since they may consider that their child would struggle to concentrate for eighty minutes. However, the Kip system uses several short activities during the session, which ensure that students never become bored. As in centre, kip points and lots of positive reinforcement of behaviour encourage students to feel motivated.

Online learning works effectively for the majority of students. However, you may still prefer your child to be taught in an education centre. From July 28th the Kip McGrath Education Centres at Barugh Green and Worsbrough will be reopening with social distancing measures in place. "

If you would like further information concerning Kip McGrath online sessions and in centre tuition then please visit, or call 01226 242100. A free no-obligation assessment is offered to give you an idea of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You can book this at

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