Online Tutoring by Kip McGrath

Online Tutoring by Kip McGrath

6de95600cf45f37407aa45523b0e9912.jpgWorried your child may be slipping behind, missing the extra help they used to have or just finding homeschooling is not at all easy?

Kip McGrath Online tutoring has the solution for you, live tutoring with a  qualified teacher so its just like a face to face session

"During this difficult time we have been helping our students through our online tuition. They login to our website and are able to see and talk with their tutor using our interactive software. We use specific tools created for online such as the interactive white board and message board to make it feel just like a face to face session. They use the same learning materials that would be used in a centre. It’s so convenient and all you need is a computer, webcam, head set and a reliable internet connection.

You’re not on your own. It’s live online tutoring with a qualified teacher."

Feedback from one of our tutors who has just started delivering online:

I absolutely love it! I would like to do all my lessons this way! I believe that the students actually get more individual attention and that their task completion rate is higher as there are fewer distractions. There is greater capacity to provide immediate, personalised feedback as they go through each task and this feedback is of a higher quality. I believe that the quality of their learning is better which is the most important metric!

Feedback from a parent:

 ‘I just wanted to say what 56b0c64c75c76ff1eaa6d0dfbefd1553.jpga great success my children’s lessons online were with Sue on Thursday.  All the technology worked perfectly and they both really enjoyed it.  I was even able to catch up at the end of the sessions with Sue as we do normally.   

It was a massive relief to have someone give some structure and a real lesson to them – with a real life teacher!!’  Rebecca

If you think online tuition could help your child you can book a free assessment at, or call 01226 242100 for more information.

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