Yarnton Magic Garden Playbarn

Yarnton Magic Garden Playbarn

9f7d8f7d366a2d80cd006e1070c3fdb1.jpgBack in June I had the great pleasure of being invited to the see the new Magic Garden play barn at Yarnton Home and Garden.

Those of you who have responsibility for children whether you’re a parent, grandparent, Auntie or ‘other’ know the relief of being able to spend a couple of hours while your little whirlwind plays happily. Even better if the soft play has an area for refreshments.

I began to think about those boxes I would want to tick for the Magic Garden to be just about perfect. Let’s face it, perfection is a little unrealistic, but is something good to aim for!

So the boxes I wanted to tick were as follows….

Is it:

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Spacious with plenty of room to run around
  • Light and airy

Does it have:

  • A variety of equipment for climbing, crawling, sliding, swinging
  • Somewhere to hide
  • Somewhere quiet for children to chill out in
  • Refreshments and a pleasant seating area to still be able to see your ‘whirlwind’
  • Friendly and helpful staff


  • Does it have party rooms?
  • Catering for different types of diet such as vegan etc
  • Prices

When I went in I was blown away by this unique and well thought out soft play barn. It immediately ticked my top 4 boxes! It was light and airy, having high ceilings but it wasn’t cold and didn’t echo! Of course it was clean, it was brand new! But even now, 3 months on, having had lots of 56c6a7b30e4c5621dd84e34a433e3552.jpgtraffic though it the equipment is well cared for and clean, which is very reassuring.

How I wish there had been a play barn like this when my not-so-little man was younger. The attention to detail with all the soft play spades, forks and the beautiful sensory chill out area with a tipi and is superb. There are little nest boxes here and there, and all the while Twiggy watches over! With a menu catering for big and little gardeners, there’s something for everyone. And the Magic Garden is only part of the story!


Children can dig and tunnel and climb and hide on a great variety of equipment, tick! The café area is close enough to be able to see you child play, but far enough away to give that sense of freedom! It has a lovely menu, with friendly and helpful staff, not just in the magic garden, but all through the shop. It is easy to book and reasonably priced too, so that’s all my boxes ticked, practically perfect in every way as Mary Poppins would say!!


Yarnton Home and Garden has seen such exciting changes recently; it has a small farm shop with an “Unpackaged station” where you can shop ’plastic free’ for cupboard essentials including rice, pasta, nuts, pulses and delicious healthy snacks.
It is somewhere you could 48f99a4b0f08e1445a382b2475439bb2.jpgeasily spend the whole day with many different departments all accessible from within the store, so if you’ve not been down there recently, I can certainly recommend checking it out, but make sure you’ve got plenty of time because you could easily get carried away, I did!!

Shirley Prenton-Jones

Shirley Prenton-Jones

Mum of one, outdoors and animal lover who loves a challenge!!

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