National Parks Week 2021

National Parks Week 2021

df5dbf554cb24762a89cc7864b624746.jpgNational parks week is to raise awareness of British National parks. It runs from the 17th-25th April 2021.

In those 2 weeks it will be a celebration the beauty and diversity of national parks and the wide range of opportunities that they have on offer.

 What is a National Park?

The role of a national park in England and Wales is:

“To conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Parks and promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the National Parks by the public.” (The Environment Act, 1995)

Altogether, there are 15 national parks in the UK, 10 in England, three in Wales and two in Scotland.

These are areas of outstanding natural beauty, where there are restrictions on habitation and commercial activities.

Some well known national parks include Yorkshire Dales and Dartmoor, the Peak District, Snowdonia, Lake District.

National parks cover 10% of the land area in England and Wales and are very important as they protect vital landscapes and wildlife habitats.

 It is estimated that over 100 million people visit national parks in England and Wales each year. They are a place that bring visitors in to provide funding into the parks which support the local community through jobs and businesses.

National parks are breathtaking  they have this has an amazing effect on our wellbeing as they a peaceful place where we can go and enjoy our surroundings and take in the amazing views.

Fun Fact : e0de79fd86879317964e161bdeafd26f.pngNational Parks took the lead or took part in 337 conservation and wildlife projects last

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