Top Tips to Plan your UK Staycations

Top Tips to Plan your UK Staycations

08cd0945c7b865fa1f3aa7f27996864d.pngWe didn’t plan for this summer, but now we have it how best can we make the most of it? If you’re looking to holiday in the UK here are a few tips to get the best out of your break...


...there are lots of things to consider before you book. Write a list of what’s most important to everyone which will help prevent disappointment. Will there be WIFI available? Where is the nearest supermarket? What will you do when you’re there? 
If you’re using your car, make sure that you check it over in plenty of time before your big trip - nothing worse than spending the first day of your holiday on the hard-shoulder! If you need a hand with this lots of local garages will offer a mini-service to check your vehicle before you take a trip.
If you’re travelling quite a distance consider breaking the trip with an overnight stay part way, or if you have young children perhaps set off during the night so they can sleep for part of the journey and get there quicker!


It may be that you're used to packing a bikini and your factor 50 and usually head off to sunny shores on an all-inclusive package for a couple of weeks each summer.  If that's not an option for you this year, there are lots of different options available for you.  Perhaps it's the time you stayed in that lighthouse in Wales that you've always said 3a3428b0f96b6656e70f88ee2d6efb2d.pngyou would or decided to try out camping as the children have been asking for ages but you've never fancied it.  You could always try Glamping which is a step up from being under canvas and offers a little more comfort. Read all about it here, you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Think about what can you do ahead of time to take the pressure off.  If you’re self-catering why don’t you organise a grocery click & collect or delivery?  When you’re looking at activities for when you’re there. Bear in mind due to the current situation  most activities and attractions are insisting on pre-booking and restricting walk-in visitors. It may be an idea to plan a rough itinerary and map out when you will go where to avoid disappointment.


Have a good think about what you don’t 
need first, that will help you to work out what you really do need.  If you think it’s going to be a squish getting everything in the car consider using vacuum seal bags for clothes as they’ll take up less room.  Consider whether the same could be used for bedding and towels if you need those too!
Do your research as to what facilities you have got at your destination and take as much as you need with you - you don’t want to have to buy it when you arrive! I’ve been known to take my slow cooker on a self catering holiday as it’s so much easier than dc3293d0c77e621816fa134171ee9f0b.png“proper cooking”.


First thing’s first, make sure you have planned your route in advance and have an idea of possible locations to break your journey up. Remember you don’t always have to stop at a “service station” - do your homework and you may find that there is a park or café off the motorway which will give the children time to burn off some energy.

Make sure you have a selection of  quick games to play (ones without anything required like i-spy are the best - download one here and here) and use those to break up what is otherwise a boring time for little ones. If you have slightly older ones, they may like making friendship bracelets to pass the time - full instructions here. It's worth getting a bag of small puzzles/games to keep to one side so you can share them when you're in the car if the children get fed up. Likewise, these are useful if you go out for something to eat and they're fed up waiting, helps keep everyone entertained for a little while.


May sure you write a detailed list of everything that you need to take and then take the list with you - it will help to make sure you remember to bring everything home if know what you packed...

Things you may find useful:

- board games/playing cards
- Bats/balls, buckets and spades
- Waterproofs
- Sunhats
- Insect repellent
fd8c331c01862445827c11d35ea27a74.png- Booking information
- Contact numbers for accommodation, rescue services (coastguard etc if you're going walking etc)
- Spare car key
- Postcode of nearest supermarket
- If you're planning on catering for yourselves, pre-plan meals (not forgetting to include a BBQ if you can have one!) and write a shopping list/book a grocery delivery to make it easier.  Remember you won't have that much storage space or the facilities you have at home for cooking so keep it simple.
With careful planning you can have a brilliant UK family break; we have so much to see and do on our doorstep just waiting to be explored.

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Jayne Deakin

Jayne Deakin

Editor of Raring2go! in Bury and Bolton areas, Jayne is keen to make sure you hear it here first by sharing local news and ideas for great things happening on your doorstep.

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