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Relax on Holiday with Luggage Mule


1610_image1(1).jpgRelax on Holiday with Luggage Mule and enjoy a suitcase busting 20% discount exclusively with Raring2go!

Do you find tackling your luggage and your children at the airport a nightmare? Wouldn't it be a more relaxing start to your holiday if you didnt have to worry about who has the pushchair, or where the 4th case has gone?

Well Luggage Mule could be the answer to your prayers!

Pack in advance of your holiday so that you can enjoy the build up knowing that your luggage is packed and winging it's way to your holiday destination!

Luggage Mule really is the better way for your luggage to travel. Ideal for families looking for a more enjoyable travelling experience, we will collect your luggage a few days before your flight to your holiday and deliver it the day before you are due to arrive. The hotel will hold your luggage over night in a secure place or even in your room if you're lucky!

With Luggage Mule, you can send suitcases up to 30kg in weight meaning that you don't have to leave anything behind, so take as many pool inflatables, Mums shoes and Dads chinos as you can, but we also send 10kg, 20kg and 25kg suitcases, as well as Golf Clubs, Skis, Snowboards, Ski Boot bags and even Bikes if you want.

On the day you leave your holiday, we will collect your luggage and deliver it back to your home within a few days.

Our award winning 1610_image2(1).jpgluggage delivery or forwarding service allows you and your family to avoid  bag drops at the airport, avoid those high excess baggage fees at check in & save the embarrassment of removing items at the check in desk to meet the very restrictive luggage weight allowances the airlines give you. Speedy travelling through airports or perhaps more time in a luxury VIP airport lounge is now possible and you can even save money on car hire without the need of a big boot space!

Trust the only travel industry specialists, with the best prices around. For example a return 30kg suitcase to Spain is £79.99, saving you over £500 per person when travelling on a Low Cost Airline. Make sure you book your flights only and send your luggage ahead with Luggage Mule.

Here are what some of our customers say about us…

Great price to Spain and much easier to travel without the luggage. Suitcase arrived at the hotel before I did and was placed in my room! Look forward to using you again.
Mr Burgess, Sheffield

Sent a box home from my hotel in Spain. Easy to book and arrived back in one piece so will use again.
Mr Scott, Inverness

Excellent service from start to finish. Very reasonable price and ran very smoothly, will use again.
Have a look at what more customers say HERE

Think this sounds too good to be true? Wait! We can make it even better with a 20% discount for all Raring2go! Members. Get your discount

Luggage Mule

Luggage Mule

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