How to holiday at home

How to holiday at home

0b6383ea1cb54f7db7076134202f2cd5.jpgFrom the outdoor education experts at Kingswood

AS Covid-19 has scuppered many people’s plans for a family trip abroad, it is easy to think that the summer may be ruined.

However, the outdoor education experts at Kingswood have put together some fun family friendly tips and activities to turn staying at home into the ultimate staycation so you can still create fantastic family memories to last a lifetime.

Kingswood, has hosted groups of kids and families for more than 30 years, offering the best in outdoor adventure. And according to them, an appetite for fun, an imagination – and perhaps a garden, is all you need for a holiday at home. Here’s how:


One of the most exciting parts of a holiday is the sense of adventure while staying away from home. So, why not go camping with the family?

Whether you’re booked into a campsite, pitching up in the garden or even the living room, camping offers a change of scenery from our beds and a genuine excitement of building your own accommodation for the night and sleeping underneath the stars.

Put your phones and tablets away and spend some proper quality time together – perhaps sharing stories around a campfire if you can. Add some extra activities like bush craft, night walks and orienteering challenges to explore somewhere new you’ll feel like you’re on holiday wherever you are.

For those lucky enough to be cooking with camping equipment, or even a campfire, be sure to safely ca464c490820b4161180816d7a8cb148.jpgcook some food over the flames just like a real adventurer.

Bring the action

Kingswood is known and loved for its action-packed adventures and there’s no reason you can’t bring a sense of adventure to your own staycation. As long as it is safe to do so, why not try a bit of mountain climbing – there’s nothing like a bit of scrabbling on rocks to make you feel like you could take on Indiana Jones. Another camp favourite is raft building, which is always popular under Kingswood supervision. Why not try to replicate the fun by building your own rafts out of ice lolly sticks to race in the bath or paddling pool?

Break the mould

Holidays are also exciting as you’re often on your way to do something new. So why not break the mould and take part in some activities you wouldn’t usually?

If staying at home, set up a treasure hunt full of mysteries. If you’re away, pick a route to walk and immerse yourself in nature on the way – but make sure to challenge yourself and make it a little longer than you’re used to.

Dr Alice Jones Bartoli, Kingswood psychologist, said: ‘It’s been a tremendously difficult year for everyone – and it seems to feel even worse when our usual escapes like holidays don’t seem likely either.

“Adults have been under significant stress balancing their responsibilities and children have had to show unprecedented resilience as their lives have been disrupted. But, db327e741a7ab57b0421001b2778314e.jpgwe've got the opportunity to make the most of our time at home and create experiences that we will remember for being so different.

“Staycations can be fun, but there are also benefits to physical and mental health and well-being of being active, outside and getting to know our more local nature areas.”

Kingswood provides fun and engaging curriculum-based fieldwork and activities to schools at superb centres across the UK. Programmes are all about teamwork, building confidence and resilience, while learning life skills.



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