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Flying with Children

125f8d5475d6b6058714861396b93bca.jpgWith the school summer holidays upon us, many of us will be excitedly planning to take the kids abroad. A family holiday can be a great adventure and children are very adaptable to new experiences so this is a great time for them to learn about new foods and cultures. However, you may be feeling a little anxious if it’s their first time on a plane. Thankfully, Sainsbury’s Bank have created a guide to help you prepare for the journey.

What should you take in your hand luggage?

  • One nappy for each hour you’ll be travelling, plus extra for delays.
  • A disposable changing mat, wet wipes, and nappy sacks.
  • Expressed milk or formula, boiled water in a bottle or baby food - this can be over 100ml, but you may be asked to taste it as a security measure.
  • Blankets to help comfort your child, or if the plane is cold.
  • Spare clothes, in case of any spills.

How to keep the children entertained

  • Make a travel journal - they can add new things to this starting with the flight.
  • Photographs - Let your child have their own camera so they can document the journey.
  • Learn something new - Teach them basic words from the language of their destination; use an offline app to keep them engaged.
  • Audio books and music - Load an MP3 player with audio books and their favourite music.
  • Tablets and readers - use offline apps/games, download ebooks, films and TV programmes, 5b3d23945358320ad26b711dfafff29a.jpgor a drawing app.

To find out about how to deal with nerves, motion sickness and ear pressure pain, you can take a look at the full guide on the Money Matters blog.

Sainsbury’s Bank - Money Matters

Sainsbury’s Bank - Money Matters

For more information on Sainsbury's Bank - Money Matters please click the link below

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