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Are your kids safe in the car?


c2dc66854c34cff3362ec119282b9688(2).jpgA study released today by mifold, the Grab-and-Go child restraint, reveals that British parents are taking risks with their kids’ safety in cars when driving.

The study found that over a third of mums and dads have allowed their children to travel without a suitable child restraint and that 35 per cent of children aged between four and 12 years have travelled using the car seatbelt alone.  However, worryingly, over half of all parents don’t know that a child under 135cm tall can slide under a standard car seatbelt in the event of a crash and over a third don’t know that a car seat belt can cause serious injuries if the vehicle stops suddenly or is in a collision.

Father-of-four, Jon Sumroy, who invented mifold – a restraint that harnesses the child in three places, said: “There’s certainly confusion among parents about what’s required to keep their children safe. A car seat belt chest strap must lie on the collar bone, over the edge of the shoulder and the lap belt should rest on the bones of the hips. When a child is too small for a seat belt, as is the case before they are 135cm tall, it can cut into their face or neck and ride up onto their soft stomach - this is incredibly dangerous in the event of a collision.”

The study found ‘pester power’ is one of key the reasons parents feel they can’t always take in-car safety into account, with b9ef8152dad8cdde46dcccc961a0f929(2).jpgone in five saying their child has travelled unprotected as a result of them kicking up a fuss about using a suitable child restraint.

Josh Harris, Director of Campaigns for road safety charity, Brake, said: “Parents need to take responsibility for keeping their children safe, whether in their own car or in vehicles driven by other family members or childcare providers, by using appropriate restraints at all times.”



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