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Young Reviewer tests out MyDoodles Kids Dock


9a2305599093bbcb4315abf3c83bc9b7.jpgSetting out to prevent children’s tablets and smartphones from being left lying on a bedroom floor uncharged, and to encourage young people to truly experience excellent music, My Doodles was inspired to create the Kids Dock. The Kids Dock provides a safe place to keep your device charged and away from harm, so that your device will survive intact for longer!

As well as delivering high-quality audio through its speaker, the Kids Dock aims to change the way children use their tablets for the better. You can easily encourage your child to learn and watch educational and fun videos, as well as learn new languages through tablet apps that require keen listening.

Featuring a Bluetooth speaker with a range of up to 10 metres and aptX technology for flawless wireless streaming, the Kids Dock delivers fantastic audio so that children can enjoy great sound on all of their favourite songs and TV programmes. The dual USB charging ports on the rear of the speaker can also charge two devices simultaneously while the tablet or smartphone rests securely in the docking tray, which means that the fun never really has to stop!

One of our young reviewers was lucky enough to test the My Doodles Kids Dock-see what she thought here…

It was like Christmas in our house when I brought home the My Doodles Kids Dock-both daughters were eager to see what was in the box-“it’s an owl”, “What is it?” before we had even 5e63238283695e3db66816397d3c3874.jpgopened the box.

We opened the box and whilst Daddy sat with the instructions my eldest daughter grabbed her iPad. Both girls loved the cute, bright owl design. We showed them how to plug it in and showed how music plays out of the speakers. The girls got straight down to lying on the floor in front of the dock station playing their favourite games.

The fact that the dock charges the device whilst it is in use is a great feature. It is a shame the lead is not longer as it does not reach a plug socket from my daughter’s chest of drawers.

It was very easy to pair the dock with the iPad using Bluetooth. It only took a few minutes for our eldest daughter to learn the volume, play/pause controls.

This is now a firm favourite in our household! The girls love using it if they want to sit and watch something or dance around to music-it is great for our eldest who enjoys watching ‘how to draw’ tutorials and so she can sit at the table and learn to draw without having to hold the iPad or leave it lying flat on the table making it harder to view the screen.

This is definitely going to be the sound system we use for our daughters birthday in January!

My Doodles

My Doodles

For more information on My Doodles or to buy their products click on the links below.

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