Young Review of Playmags

Young Review of Playmags


96cff8a9f53bbba6d39f6bc0ce3b6681.jpgLet your kids' imaginations run wild with the award-winning Playmags„¢, as they create cubes, house, airplanes, cars, fish and much more. It is made up of 3D magnetic construction blocks which attract on all sides and can be easily connected together to form many different geometric shapes and structures. Building with magnetic tiles inspires creativity and brain development, teaches basic maths concepts like counting, addition and subtraction, as well as providing fun construction-based play for children aged three years and up. Playmags sets come in eleven sizes from a 20-piece set up to a 150-piece set, plus optional accessories like a remote control car or magnet flat board. Available from Amazon or for further information visit

We have had the chance to play with Playmags and the girls have LOVED them! They caught on very quickly how they use magnets to stick together, Playmags attract on all sides, and have built some great structures. The pieces seem pretty hard wearing, and because there are no small pieces or pieces to join together I don't anticipate them breaking very easily (great for little ones and over enthusiastic €˜sharing'!)

The girls have particularly enjoyed using the dome shapes and building towers with spiral roofs.

Because the pieces are not small they are really good for small hands and fingers, making it a good activity for fine motor skills. The opportunity for children to use their imaginations is endless, and they can add some small world people or animals to their play as well.

My daughter 7d89d0c6e18a2ed8c5226a1aa0216eca.jpghas been talking about 3D shapes at school and her play this weekend has really supported that learning which is great - she loved using the 3D shapes to build different shapes and structures and then telling me what they were! These encourage logical thinking, problem solving and inspires creativity. 

Same with any construction toy you need a lot of pieces which is why the additional sets are a great idea - perfect for Christmas and birthday presents!

We had a friend come round to play and all 3 played with the playmags together, and her Mum took down the name 'Playmags' so that she can get some for her daughter for Christmas - that's a fab review in itself!

Recommended age is 3+ years.

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