Use your words by Ayse Rose

Use your words by Ayse Rose

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As young children start to discover the world, their emotions become deeply connected with the people, environment and situations around them. As any parent will attest, the key is to turn a propensity for anger into calm, expressive communication!

Nobody knows this better than Ayse Rose, who penned a poem to help her son recognise and correct his behaviour. It was such a hit that, after having the story illustrated, Ayse is now releasing it to the world.

A short story about a little boy learning how to stay calm and use his words when he gets upset. This book provides a great way to start a conversation with your child about expressing themselves and communicating properly when they get upset, instead of getting angry. Aimed at children aged 3-8 years.

“One thing children often struggle with is finding the right words to express themselves,” explains the author. “The young boy in the story has his own way of talking about how he feels; a very useful anchor for young readers, even if they’re too young to formulate words like this themselves. I wanted to carefully craft a special and heartfelt message that many parents can’t formulate “in the moment” – I know I certainly struggled when my little boy got angry and I had to react instantly! It’s a message that speaks directly to them, in a very gentle way.”

Continuing, “The book has had such a great response that I’m now writing an entire series 3846c00242afd524ffa6d23ce9fcdf70.jpgbased on helping children display good behaviour and thrive with a positive mindset. Of course, all future publications will also be wrapped up in an entertaining story and brought to life through illustrations and rhyme. I think it’s a wonderful way to help children learn how to process and express their emotions.”

‘Use Your Words’ is available now:

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As both a parent of a toddler and childminder by day, one of my most used phrases is ‘Use Your Words’ and so this book could not have been more of a blessing!

A short but effective story, with a clear message which is easy to understand for even very young children, exploring emotions in a child-friendly way.

Another thing I liked about this book was that it was not limited to just very young toddlers, as it begins to explore emotions in more detail, this enabled me to begin discussions with slightly older children, which cemented the learning of the children as we discussed strong emotions and the concept of ‘using our words’ and it was wonderful to see the story really resonating with the children as we read and re-visited the story together.

In addition to the wonderful and relevant story and approach to tackling emotions, the illustrations in the book were well-drawn and relevant to each stage of the book which made it even more relatable for the children, and these illustrations also sparked more discussion 78eb68001bcabf6f9bf7059b5c5cb7a3.jpgas children found them very relatable and used them to discuss their own personal experiences and scenarios between themselves, remembering similar occasions where they had felt angry in the supermarket or where they could relate to fighting over a toy with a sibling.

Overall, a simple but relevant book for toddlers, easy to read and understand for children of a range of ages and can be built upon and/or simplified for children as they engage and relate to the story and illustrations.

Definitely one we will be reading again with the children as we explore and learn more about emotions and managing our emotions effectively.

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