TY Friends Review

TY Friends Review


ty_image3.jpgThis summer's going to be a dazzlingly cute one with the gorgeous range of Ty Beanie Boo's games and puzzles from Tactic Games. They are guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained with hours of super furry fun.

My daughter has recently had the opportunity to trial the above games and puzzles. The games are targeted at children aged 3-6 which is ideal for my daughter as she is 4.

The games are very durable and €˜chunky' which makes them really manageable for the age range they are designed for. The instructions are simple which meant that after we had played the game once my daughter was then able to play the game again and again without me needing to repeat the rules. She was also able to explain to her daddy how to play the games and from what I could see she had described the rules of the game correctly!

The games are very colourful and attractive, again well designed for the age range stated on the box. My daughter enjoyed learning the names of some of the characters within the games and proceeded to tell me her favourites!

The giant puzzle has 35 pieces and each piece is quite large, the picture, once completed makes a montage of the different characters which also made up the games we had played. My daughter is a big fan of puzzles so couldn't get this opened up quick enough. Once opened she asked for her nanny's assistance but actually managed ty_games_image2.jpgto complete the puzzle mostly by herself and relatively quickly. The puzzle itself didn't seem to challenge her all that much but as I have said she is a big puzzle fan and is completing bigger puzzles with smaller pieces. This however did not stop her from enjoying the activity as she like piecing together the characters.

On the whole I found the TY products to be very well marketed and generally appealing to the ages it states. I would look to buy these products, especially the games as they are a great way to allow my daughter to spend some time learning to play by rules and developing her concentration span. 

Available at www.amazon.co.uk and all good toy retailers. For details visit www.tactic.net

Charlotte Peace

My name is Charlotte, myself and my husband Colin have been married for almost 13 years. We have two beautiful children, Florence who is 9 and Maximus who is 6. As a family we love nothing more than walking our gorgeous dog, Willow, getting messy and creative and snuggling up to watch a multitude of films together!

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