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Turbos-spoke Review


70187f396859c830ca60528323aff897.jpgTurbospoke® is a multi-award winning motorcycle-style exhaust system for any type of bicycle. Turbospoke® not only makes your kids bicycle look like a real motorbike, it actually converts plain old pedal power into hioctane thrills by producing totally realistic engine sounds. With a Turbospoke® you better make sure your kid has the room to VROOM! 

Turbospoke® is a real hit with kids and parents alike because it encourages ‘active play’ and is a welcome return to a wholesome playtime activity enjoyed by children the world over.  
The new Turbospoke® – Bicycle Exhaust System is available at £14.99 in-store and on-line at Smyths Toy Stores across the UK and Ireland. Turbospoke is more than just a toy, it’s the fuel for your kid’s imagination. 

The best part is that it’s totally pedal powered which means no batteries and the harder you pedal the louder the sound gets. 

Have a read about what our young reviewer thought of it here...

My 3-year-old son is motorbike mad, we buy him motorbike magazines, he watches them on TV and online – basically anything to do with motorbikes, he loves.  I thought he would love this, his face lit up when he saw the box, it came well packaged and even comes with a separate sticker set which means he was able to customise his own motorbike exhaust which he loved. My husband normally dreads stuff like this but it was really straightforward to fit onto this bike, it literally took five 4e7056540ad87e55aa372e86c672136e.jpgminutes and minimal tools.  The unit also comes with three types of card you can swap out on the bike so you get slightly different sounds – my son can even do this himself which is impressive.

Once it was fitted my little boy loved it, the noise was to him just like a motorbike and it made him go super-fast just like the real bikes he sees everywhere!

Very impressed with the product and would recommend to anyone with a small boy who is bike mad!

The only slight change I would make to this is; the bracket which holds the unit onto the bike could almost do with something to slightly rotate it so that it sits straight, but this is more down to the type of bike that he has and the frame is so small, this is not a negative but a slight enhancement.

In closing; a great product, a happy little boy who now uses his bike more than ever - thank you very much.

Turbospoke can be purchased HERE

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