The Mole and the Sunglasses

The Mole and the Sunglasses

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The Mole and The Sunglasses: Mud-Digging Children’s Book Proves Even Life’s Smallest Creatures Have Big, Big Personalities

Juliana Sheikh’s ‘The Mole and The Sunglasses’ takes children down underground and into the world of Mr. Mole, who is about to embark on the adventure of his life. Written for young readers and their families, the book is a fun reminder that even the small creatures we take for granted are individuals with personalities, big hearts and emotions.


A lovely, beautifully illustrated book with a fantastic and engaging storyline.

I read this book with my almost two-year old and so I was unsure whether I would be able to keep her attention as the story at first glance is quite lengthy and wordy, however, testament to a well written narrative and the engaging illustrations, my daughter sat and listened to the entire story all the way through.

The illustrations were relatable and of a high quality and became a huge talking point throughout various parts of the story and I could actively witness her confirming the information I’d read out loud with the corresponding illustrations on each page.

For me personally, it was a refreshing change to enjoy a children’s book that didn’t rhyme! I truly believe this fact and also the engaging and child friendly way in which the story is written enabled myself and my daughter to fully engage and immerse ourselves in the story, and she displayed real interest in seeing what would happen next 676f08031a1e13d8ad55520db23b2d7b.jpgfor the mole.

Another bonus of this book that we both enjoyed was the lovely section at the back outlining all of the wonderful facts about moles, as this enabled me to really cement my daughter’s learning as she began to explore and show an interest in the mole as not only the main character in the story, but as an animal too, and so having these facts readily available at the back of the book enabled me to continue her learning and develop her interest immediately, rather than trying to re-engage her later on.

As a result, my daughter has asked for this book to be her bedtime story for the past 3 nights and has also begun using the wonderful illustrations in the book to tell the story to her dolls and soft toys for the past few days.

Overall, a lovely, fun and light-hearted story which is beautifully written and illustrated perfectly, enabling children to fully engage with the story and the characters and equally learn about an almost forgotten creature as a result.

Highly recommend this story to any parent, your child is guaranteed to love this book in one way or another! 

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