Thames & Kosmos Crystal Geode Kit Review

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Geode Kit Review

05bf672fb4f4044c40110dcd1af6887d.jpgProduct Information: Leave crystals to grow all over your plaster mould and watch how a beautiful crystal geode forms.

Available from Thames & Kosmos for £8.99


We received this geode kit to have a go with over the school holidays. I like science-y stuff and hoped this would be a fun way to share and introduce it to my 6 yr old (instructions said for age 8 but as my daughter read these to me I gave it a go!)

First things first this isn't an instant gratification toy/kit and so you have to go into it with that understanding.  It also has lots of steps that don't take too long but have lots of waiting time in between.

Having said this it means that for 4 days there is always a task that your little one can really get involved with.

There's heating and mixing and measuring and moulding and watching... and eventually you grow your own crystals... when they appear in the bottom of your glass jar it's really very gratifying!

You can see from the photos that this wasn't a case of the adult taking over and doing all the bits, probably because it is split (out of necessity) into small chunks of action over a few days.  Although it is science and chemicals and heat are involved it was safe if you concentrate and follow the instructions. 

My dd says her favourite part was when the red crystals grew on the 496660425d6e5ffb98bc6cf2fc1759f8.jpgmold.

The finished product now sits proudly on a shelf, next to a piece of pumice picked up from a Greek holiday and a collection of shells from our local beach!

Ps its red food dye... so it stains your fingers but will fade after a day!

Anna Carter

Anna Carter

My name is Anna, I have 1 gorgeous little girl, Holly. Her Daddy and I love taking her camping, swimming and to the beach. We are currently rennovating our house, but love nothing more than escaping to the great outdoors as a family! We are keen scuba divers and Holly has now got her first wetsuit so she can join us on our trips (not that she is diving yet!)

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