So Sand DIY – Sensory Studio

So Sand DIY – Sensory Studio

4c47cfa00e7b535bc4f055c60eda322c.jpgProduct Information:

Create your own magic sand using the formula provided and then utilise the studio to unleash the ultimate sensory satisfaction locked in your sand. With more than 12 tools available, cut it, shape it and smash it to discover the ASMR effect! What are you waiting for?

  • 1 Sensory Studio
  • 5 Sand Bags
  • 5 Bags of coloured sand
  • 5 Decorations bags
  • 2 Sand Containers
  • 5 Tools
  • 3 Tools 2in1
  • 1 Mat with patterns
  • Plastic Cup


My daughter received the so simple.sand and really enjoyed exploring the product.

The sand comes as grey and you have to mix the colour and glitter into it. Isabella loved this element and is something she has not done before. She made two colours and saved one for another day. She was able to mix all by herself and there is a handy sectioned pot to keep all the sand separately.  You could choose which combinations to make by adding different glitters. You could probably mix the colour powders as well but we didn't try this.

We also had some other kinetic sand so we added this to make a fourth colour. Isabella is 7 and was able to play independently with this, using the different components to cut, mould and shape the sand. She explored all the different patterns she could press into it and spent a long time perfecting her sphere making!

The product is well made and is very easy and quick to put together so it 8e6dbbb8aff4155910541af38cfb043a.jpgwas straight to play. Over all this product is great for creative exploration and we really enjoyed using it. I was glad we had the extra sand as we needed to add some to make larger colounm to cut. The whole thing is well organised, there is space to keep the different cutting shapes and sand and it fits back into the box easily. The sand is easy to clean up and (as you can see) the whole thing fits on a tray nicely which is something I use to keep the sand in one place!

My daughter usually flits from one activity to another quite quickly but she suck at this for quite a while which is a plus, she enjoyed creating and pretended to make many different ice cream combinations for me to try!

I would recommend this product for creative play. 

The Howting Family

The Howting Family

Isabella and Ben are the cutest half of our family - aged 5 and 3 they keep Mummy and Daddy on our toes! As a family we love getting creative, making a mess (Ben), dressing up (Isabella) and family days out.

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